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M710Q USB issue

Hello, all!


I just found a Thinkcentre M710Q at a local shop. There was no HDD and, as I inspected it further, no SATA cable/connector to it, with the ribbon connector ZIF socket looking broken. I intend on using is at an emulation machine that runs solely off of USB (with the option for HDD installation).


After "burning" the image to a USB flash drive and powering on the Thinkcentre, it'll show that it's loading, then reset back to POST. When I rebooted the computer, it'll sometimes boot to the OS's splash screen, then freeze, or loop back to POST screen.


I tried using a live Linux distro, but getting the same results. Using a USB disc drive and using several OS installation discs, getting same results.


I checked the BIOS settings, and the secureboot is disabled. I've also disabled the SATA connection (since I may not use it since the connector is damaged), and modified the boot order so the USB drive is read from first, going as far as excluding all but the USB drive in the boot order.


The adapter I got with it works with the unit, but it seems that it's 2.25A, where the computer says 3.25A. Would that cause a problem with the USB drive being properly read?


TL;DR: Found old Thinkcentre, won't load USB drive properly, possible power issue with slightly underpowered adapter?


Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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