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M715q how to set up Eyefinity on Ryzen 5 2400GE


I bought a M715q because I need to set up two screens as a "spanned" Dsiplay with AMD Eyefinity. This means, two 1024x768 screens create one 2048x768 screen. Don´t confuse this with an extended display which can be done with windows. Windows only sees one big screen even though two screens are attached. This is called eyefinity by AMD and this is the reason I bought the M715q...

So far I attached both screens with DP to VGA adapters. Both work fine and I even can set up an extended display. I use the drivers supplied by Lenovo: Radeon Graphics driver version is 17.1.2. Lenovo unfortuately only installs the driver but not the (Adrenaline?) software to access the AMD settings.
But to use the eyefinity function, I need to use some AMD software (Adrenaline?). I installed the latest driver from their site (version 19.6) which results in a black screen. I also tried the recommended 19.5 version, which also results in a black screen: The computer starts up fine, I also get the circling dots, but as soon as Windows wants to display something the screen looses the signal and turns of.

I doesn´t matter wether I use one or two screens or which DP port I use.

I also tried to leave the driver at 17.12 and only install the AMD settings software from a newer driver, this was not possible.

How can I set up Eyefinity?
Where can I download the Set Up software (Adrenaline?) without the driver?



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