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What's DOS?
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M72e Restore Old BIOS - Error 1962 *SOLUTION*

After updating to the latest BIOS, i had nothing but trouble. The system became so unstable and when rebooting, sometimes BIOS could see the SSD, othertimes not, resulting in Error 1962. I've manage to fix the problem on my machine and thought i would post my solution to try help others.


As of this moment the latest BIOS is for the M72e (Tiny) is F4KT61. After much searching I managed to find F4KT18.


Before doing anything you will need to boot into BIOS and allow previous versions of BIOS to be flashed. Security/Allow Flashing BIOS to a Previous Version (Yes). Save and Exit.


This next step is very specific to your own situation, dependant on whether you can boot into an OS or not. For me, i was able after many reboots to get into Windows 10. If you can't, making boot disks would be another option. Theres already enough guides so i won't go into that here.


Then i had to unpack both the latest BIOS and also the Previous BIOS by running both executables. These can be downloaded from my Google Drive HERE


By default, these are unpacked to C:\SWTOOLS\FLASH\


You now need to replace the latest image with the previous version. So copy file IMAGEF4.cap from the F4JY18USA folder to the F4JY61USA folder.


Once this is done, open a CMD Prompt as Administrator. Then type "cd C:\SWTOOLS\FLASH\F4JY61USA\" and press ENTER. Now type flash.cmd and hit ENTER.


It will ask if you want to flash to a previous BIOS, type Y and ENTER. You will see the prompt "Would you like to update the Serial Number?". Input "n" and press Enter.


Then you will see the prompt "Would you like to updat the Machine Type and Model?". Input "n" and press Enter again.


Then the BIOS update process will start.


Once complete the system will reboot and continue to flash BIOS. Once this is complete you may recieve an errror message about data integrity check failure. This is normal, just press F1 to enter BIOS, Save and Exit and you should be good to go.


Hope this helps



What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-15-2019
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Re: M72e Restore Old BIOS - Error 1962 *SOLUTION*

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It's started to fail again. However, i have another solution. Stop using SSD. I installed a HDD and it works everytime. Good luck

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