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Blue Screen Again
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M72e SFF System Board Failures

We purchased over 200 of the Lenovo M72e SFF desktops just over three years ago. During that time we have had close to a dozen warranty replacements of system boards. Now that we are out of warranty we continue to have the same amount of failures but cannot obtain replacement system boards from Lenovo parts store or third party vendors because they have been discontinued without any other options.


The symptoms are the same in every instance -  high RPM fan speed on power up with no video or POST activity. During warranty, the only solution was to reseat RAM (which worked on a very small number of boards) or replacement of the system board by an on-site service technicians. Failures are coming from multiple buildings and are all in typical office locations. The technicians told us this wasn't a rare issue and that many other places had similar issues and that it was a common repair for them.


We are currently sitting on 8 non-working out of warranty M72e desktops with this same issue but can't get replacement parts. Lenovo wants $650 per desktop to out of warranty depot repair which is more than the original cost we paid for them. We would be happy to obtain reasonably priced replacement system boards and repair them in house.


We purchase only Lenovo desktops and laptops at the moment and have a standing order for 200 more on hold because of this. This is creating problems for the purchasing decisions based on how many failures we've had. 


Is anyone else seeing these failures? How are you dealing with them? Is there a Lenovo rep on these forums that could help address this major issue for us? 


Suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.


- Rob

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎11-29-2016
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Re: M72e SFF System Board Failures

Anyone from Lenovo on this board who can contact me regarding this issue?

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