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M73 Desktops with Intel Network Cards

Case # 4062HSD 

Escalation Case 500dc2n


What is happening on the M73 desktops with Intel NICs is that Windows updates will cause the network card (driver) to disappear.

I have gone to the Lenovo website and ran the drivers and it doesn't work.

I go to the Intel website and download that driver and it works for a while but then Windows updates wipes it out again.


Lenovo Hardware support sends me to software support. Software support sends me to hardware support.

I talked to Linton Fambro (who said he was a supervisor but was less than helpful) and he told me it's not Lenovo's problem that I need to just turn off Windows Updates. I can't do that for PCI/HIPPA compliance.


He said he will escalate it but they will tell me the same thing.

Intel doesn't really have direct support, they direct you to the hardware manufacturer.

Really frustrated with Lenovo (lack of) support.

What's DOS?
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Re: M73 Desktops with Intel Network Cards

Having similar trouble after WIN 10 PRO april creators update and new installation, PCI bridge driver was killed and even INTEL MANAGEMENT(R) to PCI (unknown device), No driver available, no service found and even the question, if possible uninstallation of PCI_Management and bridge will be a solution is not answered. Getting MS-Update errror for INTEL MANAGEMENT(R) continiously every updatae run on WIN 10 pro.. Anyone out there, who knows about uninstalling PCI management and PCI Bridge? It eveh seems not to be used by LONOVO THINKSTATION running outside any company network! Who knows? Kindly Hans

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