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Paper Tape
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M75e 5061 B5G - RAM orientation for Dual Channel use?

Hello! Smiley Happy


My System is a M75e 5061 B5G and in order of the cheap RAM prices I want to upgrade my system from 2GB to 8GB (2 x 4GB).

My Question:

There are four DIMM Sockets on the mainboard. Two are black and the other two are green.
In which constellation should I use the sockets to enable the Dual Channel mode?

1x Green and 1x Black OR 2x Green OR 2x Black?

If you need any further information, please let me know!
Best regards,


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Re: M75e 5061 B5G - RAM orientation for Dual Channel use?

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Hello and welcome,


I though I could provide a quick answer for this, but neither the User's Guide nor Hardware Maintenance manual for your machine mentions the RAM bank layout.  AFAICS, anyway Smiley Sad


Hopefully someone will come along with the answer, but in the meantime, this page at Kingston implies that RAM should be installed in pairs in adjacent slots to get dual channel operation.


Search Results for: Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e


You may have to install your RAM and then run one of the info tools (Everest, etc) to verify dual-channel mode.


[edit] Are the matching colors side-by-side?  It's common in the industry to color code the sockets so that pairs of RAM sticks go in matching colors. So - both green or both black.  Still just guessing here...


Sorry I don't have a better answer for you,


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Re: M75e 5061 B5G - RAM orientation for Dual Channel use?

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Lenovo really doesn't have a lot of information about this for their systems. There is this page HERE, but these IBM systems are obsolete now. It seems to indicate that the pairs need to be installed in slots 1 and 3 OR 2 and 4 for dual channel to work. On these systems when dual channel is in force, a message appears in the BIOs verifying this fact.


On newer Lenovo systems, there is no message in the BIOs no matter the configuration used. I still tend to install pairs in slots 1 and 3 OR 2 and 4 simply out of habit, CPU-Z confirms this configuation as being dual channel on my M57 6071 USFF.

Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎01-20-2012
Location: Germany
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Re: M75e 5061 B5G - RAM orientation for Dual Channel use?

Thanks for your answers! Smiley Happy

Indeed the manual ist not very helpful in this case...

I just put the two sticks in slot 3 and 4 (both green colored) and CPU-Z says that they are running in "Dual" and "Unganged" Mode.

I think this will do it.

Or does someone knows whether the "ganged" mode would be better / faster ?