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M800-SFF (machine model 10FY) - wrong Hardware Maintenance Manual on Support -> Documentation

Just received my brand new M800-SFF machine today, model 10FY.


I have to add memory, add a second SSD drive, and add a discrete graphics card.


I've worked with SFF cases before (e.g. M93p-SFF) and once the cover and front bezel are removed, typically all that is now needed is to un-latch the main drive assembly by pushing in the one tab on the chassis which locks it into its normal position.  Once that tab is pushed in, the entire drive assembly can now be swung up 90 degrees and locked into place for maintenance.


However on the M800-SFF case, the optical drive is mounted into an adapter bracket which in its own locked position actually blocks the chassis tab which must be pushed to release the main drive assembly and allow it to be swung up.  For a long time I couldn't figure out how to release the optical drive properly so that I could move it inward and away from the chassis tab locking the main drive assembly.  There is actually an opening in the optical drive adapter exactly for this purpose, if only I could figure out how to release the optical drive adapter and push it inwards so that the opening in the adapter gets positioned right in front of the chassis drive latch tab, now finally allowing the tab to be pushed thus releasing the main drive assembly.


Ok... lots of unnecessary detail, I know.  My annoyance is simply that I did not have a Hardware Maintenance Manual for the M800-SFF(10FY) machine and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to release the optical drive so that I could I could push it in, so that the cutout opening in the adapter bracket could be lined up with the chassis drive lock tab.  I eventually lucked in as I discovered another metal tab locking the optical drive adapter, which when pushed in conjunction with pressing the sides of the blue plastic piece holding the optical drive onto the adpater bracket magically the whole thing is released and can be pushed inward as desired. 


I'm sure all of this would have been spelled out in glorious explicit detail (as in most Lenove documentation), if only I had the proper Hardware Maintenance Manual for the M800-SFF (10FY) machine.


Unfortunately, the Support site page for the 10FY model has a documentation link that when checking to search for the Hardware Maintenance Manual returns a link to THE WRONG MANUAL!!! Instead of linking to the correct SFF hardware maintenance manual, it links to the incorrect TOWER hardware maintenance manual dated December 2015.  And that means I have no written documentation to support repairs and maintenance for the M800-SFF machine I just bought.


In the past, e.g. with the M93p, the Hardware Maintenance Manual was a common single manual for the machine family of cases, and had three sections inside of it one for each form factor case. But the new organization for the M700, M800 and M900 family apparently is to segregate out the Hardware Maintenace Manuals by case form factor separately, one manual per form factor.


Bottom line: if Lenovo support is reading this, I've already talked with tech support in NC to try and get a URL for the proper 10FY HMM, but they couldn't find it either.  But now that I've reported this issue to them, and also here, perhaps the web site can be corrected to point to what surely must already exist namely the proper HMM for the 10FY model M800-SFF form factor machine.


These machines have been available for purchase for a good 4-5 months now, so you'd think by now somebody would have noticed the missing link to the proper SFF HMM for M800-M900.  Well, if it hasn't happened before, it's happened now, per my phone call today and per this posting.


==> Please fix the web site and get the right SFF HMM available for purchasers of this machine.


In the meantime I will use the M93p HMM (SFF section insdie of it) for help working on my M800-SFF.

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Re: M800-SFF (machine model 10FY) - wrong Hardware Maintenance Manual on Support -> Documentation

I believe this has been corrected, if you could check and verify, I appreciate it.   Al. 

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Re: M800-SFF (machine model 10FY) - wrong Hardware Maintenance Manual on Support -> Documentation

Indeed. They have corrected the documentation download page to now show the two manuals (tower and SFF) as separate links, and they've also properly named the two manuals uniquely.


I also checked the instructions for replacing the 2.5" drive and it is now described correctly and uniquely for the SFF case, making reference to first releasing the optical drive.  And in fact the instructions for releasing the optical drive do describe the "2-finger release method" I myself had accidentally discovered.


So all is good.


Thanks for updating me on this.

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