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M83 & P300: remote BIOS update disables CSM (wflash2, winuptp)



I seem to be running into a strange issue that so far is effecting some of our M83's and P300's. I have built a script that remotely installs BIOS updates for our Lenovo fleet.


Without giving you to much morning detail it is a GPO that runs on the machine > gets the machine type > compares it to my giant list > Gets the appropriate BIOS update from a file share > Then executes the Wflash2.exe or WINUPTP.EXE command.I have been using it for quite some time and haven't had any issues. (No sadly we don't have SCCM....)


Recently I started upgrading the M83's and P300's and noticed a few of them never came back online. I had someone go on site and have a look at the machine and it said "missing operating system" I had them boot into the BIOS and we noticed CSM had been disabled. I had the tech enable CSM and the machine booted fine. Dose anyone know of a way to ensure that CSM is not disabled during the BIOS update? Below is the command I am using to launch the update on the M83's and P300's



c:\temp\LenovoBios\flash.cmd /quiet



below is the contents of the flash.bat file


@echo off
if errorlevel 15 goto message
if not errorlevel 15 goto flashBIOS
echo *** Your Embedded Controller Firmware is being updated.The BIOS update will continue after the firmware update completes.Please do not turn the system off while the updates are in progress***
SPIW0323.exe FBCT32A.bin /V 32A

wflash2.exe imagefb.rom /bb /rsmb %1
echo ***These changes will not take effect until the system is restarted.***


I noticed in the readme it says use rsmb to preserve SMBios structure I presume that meant save BIOS settings. The oddest thing is some machines are upgrading and booting back up without any issues however some are not.  I have over 1500 to do and have paused the upgrade for now. 


Mod:  edited to Subject line to expand the problem description

Posts: 5
Registered: ‎12-24-2018
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Re: M83 & P300: remote BIOS update disables CSM (wflash2, winuptp)

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