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M900 SFF Upgrades

Hi, I have used thinkpads for a long time now and just got myself a used M900.


i5-6500/8gb ram/1TB


I have a few upgrades in mind but need some guidance.


1) SSD. I’m going to add a 2.5 SATA SSD but also want to add one to the M.2 slot. Does it run SATA or is it only for WWAN?


2) Will a dual slot, low profile GPU like a 1050 Ti run fine with the stock 210w PSU? Does the PSU use any power cable(mine doesn’t have the stock power cable)?


3) Can I upgrade the PSU to an aftermarket TFX PSU straight or will I need any adapters?


4) Is the heatsink and fan for the CPU proprietary? 


Thats pretty much it. Thanks

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Re: M900 SFF Upgrades

The M.2 connector on the motherboard is NOT for the slower SATA 6.0Gb/s speed.  It is the much faster PCIe x4 NVMe connector, theoretically providing up to 32Gb/s speed.


As far as wanting to use a low-profile GTX 1050ti card in the M900 SFF case with its 210W PSU, I would be cautious. In theory the PCIe x16 expansion slot is only rated at 45W, and the low-power 1050ti (which does NOT require any additional PCIe power cable connection from the PSU) is rated at 75W which is actually the theoretical maximum power available from a PCIe expansion slot per the PCIe bus spec but with stronger PSU's.  Even the older GTX 750ti cards were rated at 60W.  So I'm not optimistic of using one of these newer 1050ti cards without also upgrading the PSU, although you COULD get away using a less powerful GT1030 card that is rated at 30W.


The other consideration about a graphics card add-on is the physical space available inside the M900 SFF case for an expansion card.  This limits the maximum length of any expansion card, with the M900 SFF case dimensions being a serious limitation.  Unfortunately, the PSREF document for the machine does not provide the maximum length card usable in an expansion slot as newer machine PSREF documents now do. Of course any expansion card used in an SFF case MUST be "low-profile", but its length is also critical. I would think a low-profile graphics card shorter than a length of 6.5" has a good chance but be prepared to be unhappy if one you get is just a bit too long even after you upgrade the PSU if you do. Dual-fan cards will absolutely NOT BE USABLE, because of their extreme length. Again, the low-profile GT1030 will work just fine, but it's not a GTX1050ti for performance.


I believe people have certainly upgraded PSU's, but this is a SFF case not a full tower case so just be careful what you attempt.


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Re: M900 SFF Upgrades

1)  M.2 slot is for wwan.   PCIe NVMe SSD support is via PCI adapter card.  See:  M900 SFF & Tower: how to boot from M.2 SSD (PCIe, NVMe)


2)  1050 & Ti would need 235w or more.  3)  It is not a TFX supply.  See:  M700, M800, M900 SFF: graphics upgrade: GT 1030, GTX 750 Ti, 1050 Ti; power supply


4)  Fan upgrade is difficult (as fan control is locked and you'd need to find one with a airflow curve that works with what has been programmed) and not worth the effort as the stock cooler does a decent job cooling the CPU. 



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