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Paper Tape
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Re: M900 BIOS reset

SOLVED, thanks for your help guys Smiley Happy


These are the steps:

  1. Burn the latest Firmware (fwj963usa.iso) to a CD
  2. Power down, disconnect all cables.
  3. Open the case and remove the case for the 2,5" drive
  4. Set the jumper from Pin 4/6 to 2/4, see attachment
  5. Add the case for the 2,5" drive and close the case
  6. Connect a external CD Drive with the CD to any USB Port
  7. Connect the monitor and the power cable
  8. Now the M900 will power up and after a short time you can hear that the CD Drive is accessing the data
  9. After this you will see that the BIOS menu is visible on your screen and the update proceed
  10. After this the M900 power down
  11. Open the case and set the Jumper back to Pin 4/6, see attachment
  12. Close the case connect all device
  13. Power on and enjoy your operating system
  14. OPTIONAL: Delete Windows and install Arch Linux or any other operating system based on Unix,Linux,BSD :-D



Paper Tape
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Re: M900x & Tiny: Recover from failed BIOS update (CMOS jumper)

This method also worked for me for m92p model 3212-AV1. Thank you very much!!!
Paper Tape
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Re: M900 BIOS reset

I seem to have exact same issue on my M900, after BIOS update have black screen and PC is not booting OS.


I have tried to change the jumper from original 4/6 pin to 2/4 and doesn't help - does not boot.


On your pic you have the jumper 2/1 - am I doing something wrong?


The only thing is I have no external DVD and trying to boot from USB (created FreeDos USB using Rufus and copied all iso content into root folder).



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