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Paper Tape
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M90p Tower Graphics card length?

I am about to buy the M90p Midi Tower computer, but I need better video performance.

The specs says half-length video cards.

I am wondering if it is possible to fit a card that is longer than 175.26mm.

Does anyone have the internal measurements of this computer type?



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Re: M90p Tower Graphics card length?

Half length video card?! I wonder if that means half an image, or one fourth speed video?

Seriously, IBM needs to knock it off with these miniature computers. I had to move my A 50 microtower into a full size tower, because a power supply adequate to run an actual video card (you know, the kind that shows full video and full speed) and audio card wouldn't fit in that stupid microtower, and it wasn't possible to get a larger power supply to fit the microtower.

I don't know what my sister was thinking when she got them for her family. She said, "someone who just wants to open a spreadsheet once in a while. ????

You MIGHT be able to get those half size video cards from IBM or Levono or wherever, but I don't know what quality of video.
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Re: M90p Tower Graphics card length?

@pleym78, which graphics do you have in mind?

@villandra, I am not sure what sort of graphics card you have in mind when you say actual graphics card.

Also, these desktops are designed for work and not gaming or CAD, there are the Thinkstation variety which accommodates the full length and full height graphics card.

Most of the current intel gpu (i.e. released in the 2010) are capable of handling full spreadsheet work and can decode Blu ray movie without any problems.

Jin Li

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I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
Paper Tape
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Re: M90p Tower Graphics card length?

I have now fitted a Asus ENGTX460 TOP card. It fits perfectly. It is longer than the half-length cards. You can fit cards over 25cm in this case.

Lenovo does not care about giving out details about internal sizing in their cases.


I believe that half-lenght only is supported because these cards also will fit in the SFF chassis.

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Re: M90p Tower Graphics card length?

@pleym78, when I measured inside the M90p, it looks like it can fit a card ~8.5 inches long before it gets in the way of the SATA ports. Did you relocate your SATA cables to the bottom ports? (SATA3 and SATA4)

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