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M910s Windows 10 and Bitlocker

Hello folks,

I  have a basic question on Bitlocker.   I  turned in 'on' for an attached ( extra) harddrive and works without a hitch. That means

It asked me for a passward  to access the drive and it works fine. (  Thought to start with an external drive first).


Now, I tried my hard drive (CSmiley Happy , again it proceeded without any difficulties, Yet it DID NOT ask me to assign a password to it.


Should I asume:
1. Since I have a general bootup password to get into the system i.e. the Windows 10 ~ entry~ password to access the system,

does this password also unlock drive C: for use i.e. is the Bitlocker password serving double duty?


2. Or, am I turn turn on something that forces an additional boot up pass word  BEFORE even getting to the Windows 10 ~ typical~ log in.


3. That is, is there an option to add a password that directly unlocks Drive C:  and therefore 2 passwords would be needed to access my system.


Note I can access the drive, & the system says Bitlocker is on when I  look into System & Security ( in the Control Panel), and I can 'see' that I have TPM 2.0 in Device Manager.



Any guidence and recommendations on this is welcomed.









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