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Paper Tape
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M91p PXE boot issue

PXE boot for 4518 & 4524 takes repeated attempts before accepting DHCP connections. Is there a BIOS or firmware release that can make network booting reliable?

Unlike 8215(M52), 8810(M55), 6072(M57), and 7483(M58), the M91 takes multiple attempts to acquire a network connection and begin download of the image. When the units attempt connection, it drops to the cabling error message, but the ethernet port is displaying a solid orange led and blinking yellow led as if the cable is connected properly and will work fine once the operating system(Windows 7) is loaded. The issue is not effected by boot order or delaying when ‘Enter’ is press after the option is chosen.

What's DOS?
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Re: M91p PXE boot issue

Ihave the same issue check cable error on boot.
I found a way to boo PXEt with m91p

  1. unplug the cable when you boot
  2. press F12 to show the boot menu
  3. then plug the cable
  4. and select to boot to the network card.

It is a very strange behaviour.
I updated with the last BIOS version available from end of may with the same issue.
Lenovo guy's it seems to be a general issue can you check that?!?!?!?!

What's DOS?
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Re: M91p PXE boot issue

I am having this same issue.

I certainly did not use to have this issue

I have two machines, probably more but two on hand that have this problem.  

Both are m91p Model:4518CTO


I plug everything in, power on the machine and the green link lights are on. 

I choose boot menu, they are still on. 

The moment I choose network boot, the link lights go off.  PXE tries to find an IP address, and gives up in 3-5 seconds.  As soon as it exits PXE the link lights go back on.

I tried the suggestion above with no luck.

I did notice if there is no cable plugged into rj45 jack, the PXE attempts to find a server for about 15 seconds.

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