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Fanfold Paper
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M91p & vPro

Hello all,


I am not sure if this is the right place for this query but I have now wasted a week trying to find a simple answer to a query that neither Lenovo CS or Digital River have answered. Indeed I feel if this is a taste of what to expect from CS then I might as well stick with HP & Dell, at least they replied with full details within hours.


Anyway, I will not bore you with the details but I wanted to order a few ThinkCenter M91p with Intel vPro to loan as test labs for my key clients to test a vPro based application. had these and I just couldn't get them or CS to confirm that they were fully vPro?


I say were because I just checked and saw that they are now sold out. So five days worth of frustration and also this post is academic.  Ouch!!!   Smiley Mad



Still, perhaps someone can confirm if all ThinkCenter M91p models are by default Intel vPro ready providing the correct CPU is installed? and by ready I mean MEBx should be present.


Also if you spot any equally good vPro Laptops in that I may have missed then by all means let me know as I have always owned and been fond of Thinkpads as they are so reliable.


About the only positive has been to join this Forum,  I should have done that five days ago?


Many thanks

Lenovo Staff
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Re: M91p & vPro

in general, the "p" in desktop models (e.g. M91p) means vPro and AMT.  this also means that BIOS contains the MEBx right out of the box.


Other desktop models (not "p") may or may not have vPro and AMT, you would need to consult the system specs to know for sure.


For specs, you can consult the psref:


I'm sorry that CS couldn't point you to this answer.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: M91p & vPro

Such a simple and concise answer, Someone knows his stuff.


I just don't understand why both Lenovo CS & Digital River couldn't answer this simple query?

I assume this applies to Laptops too so I will look at the new T to replace my old happy lappy.


Much appreciated .



Lenovo Staff
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Re: M91p & vPro

[ Edited ]



see post below, it is a better answer as to where to find system spec specs for WE market.


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Re: M91p & vPro

Don't want to tread on any toes here, but the psrefs for Western Europe can be found here.  Quite often European systems will vary in some way to the systems shown in the American psrefs.



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