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Blue Screen Again
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M91p, upgraded RADEON R7-240, no display.

hi all,


I have a refurbished Thinkcentre m91p Type 4518 (i5 2400, 8GB DDR3, 320GBHDD, standard VGA Adaptor), which is working fine, except HD video playbacks are sometimes lagging, so i thought of upgrading to a decent video card.
Recently bought an R7-240 low profile video card(Asus AMD Radeon R7-240, 2GB, DDR3, PCIe 3.0)
and hooked up the card into the PCIe Slot.
when turned on there was no display and the fan wasn't even spinning.


Then i updated my BIOS to ver.LENOVO 9HKT58AUS, dated 06/10/2014.
Now the video card fan is spinning,but system seems not booting and no beeps,power LED is on,
but absolutely no dispaly, not even the boot spalsh.

even the onboard VGA port is not responding when the R7-240 is hooked to the board.
once i removed the card from the board, the onboard VGA is responding normally.
the system seems not recognizing the R7-240 at all.

in BIOS video setup, active video was set to both AUTO and PEG and tried, but still no display.
Also tried with both HDMI and VGA ports.

Could it be possible that the MOBO is somehow OEM locked, is it my R7-240 faulty ?
or did i overlook something else, help appreciated.


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Community SeniorMod
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Re: M91p, upgraded RADEON R7-240, no display.

This is for an upgrade sticky thread I'm working on:


There is 'white list' for graphics cards, not all will be recognized by the BIOS (be at the latest version before you install -- and bear in mind the ThinkCentre is a business focused system, not gaming.)
The SFF models require a low-profile card, while the Mini-Tower accommodates a short full-height card. Tinys don't have a PCIe x16 slot.
The stock (factory installed) power supply is another limiting factor, and slot length is the third limiting factor. In later systems (M90 forward), a shorter GTX 750 Ti is the known top card supported by the BIOS, the slot length, and the stock power supply. For example, a short EVGA card is known to work well with the Mini-Tower, and a MSI low-profile card with the SFF.
You can upgrade the the power supply, and install a stronger graphics card, but it's dependent on what your BIOS will recognize.
The best way to know which graphics card will work in your system is to use the search engine above, and search the web, search on your system type (eg. M92, M58) and 'graphics', to see what has been successfully installed.

Since you're at the latest BIOS, it appears that card may not be supported. 



Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
Posts: 3,011
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Re: M91p, upgraded RADEON R7-240, no display.

I have since read that M91p supports R9-270 and 270X, so it could be that card was faulty. 

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