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Paper Tape
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M92 Tiny Bricked after BIOS Update - No POST No beep No Display.

Hello All, 

I've had my Lenovo M29p Tiny for a few months, I have it in our camper, and it doesn't get a lot of use. I was advised by the Lenovo Software that I needed to update my Bios, when I came back to the machine a couple hours later, it was turned on but without display.  I forced rebooted it, and the power LED comes on and the disk activity blinks, but theres no activity on the monitor. No beep, no post, no logo, nothing. Fan comes on, LEDs, and thats it.

I tried power cycling the bios, removing battery, both VGA and Display Port cables, and the steps listed here:

Does anyone have any recovery tips?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: M92 Tiny Bricked after BIOS Update - No POST No beep No Display.

Try the recovery process again and do the following:

Remove the computer top cover.

Make sure you have a pendrive with the image9s.cap file on it in either of the front USB ports.

Remove the HDD completely along with the caddy.

Move the CMOS jumper.

Have nothing but the monitor and the pendrive connected. 

On the mobo there is a larger chip that has ITE printed on it (along with other numbers). Press on this chip -firmly- with your thumb and hold it like that as you power on. If you are lucky you will see the recovery screen come up and start to update the BIOS. Keep pushing down on the chip while the update finishes!

Don't celebrate though, if this works, you will probably be able to boot, but this still means the chip is delaminating and your computer will stop working at one point. If in warranty, replace the mobo. If not, get ready to toss it :\



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