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Re: M92P SFF second hard drive

I do agree with you, so here we are with the 2 possible solutions on mounting the SSD (or even SSDs) in an M92p SFF (or M91p SFF, M93p SFF etc) case:

First, the "alternative" solution. Alternative only for one reason, because the SSD tends to heat up a bit in that place, attached below the DVD housing. It works fine otherwise. Attachment is either with double sticking (or double sided) tape, or Velcro. Look at photo named "ALTERNATIVE solution" please.

The solution I would recommend -> because it enables noticeably lower SSD temperatures, being right in front of the intake fan <- , is the other one. Attaching it below the HDD, but be careful to leave a small gap of - let's say- 3-4mm, for better airflow - this is of advantage to both the HDD and SSD. Also, another reason - the HDD has a small hole that shouldn't be blocked, so this little gap actually serves quite well.
The attachment is quite easy, just taking a double-sided (or "double sticking") tape, or Velcro, to gain the 3-4mm gap you simply add 2-3 layers of tape on top of one another, and THEN you stick it on the HDD in the way shown. Then, placement of the SSD is quite simple, as shown in the photos attached - please see "SSD Installation_1" & "SSD Installation_2" pictures. In this position, the SSD's temperature is a whole 4-5 degrees lower than in the "Alternative" position.

I have also included a "Full setup", showing the complete installation and the exhaust fan (I bought a cheap 3.5 Euros 80mm fan which does work quite well), and I've noticed through Piriform Speccy the whole system's temps are noticeably lower. However, if one is using a GPU, this installation doesn't apply, since it blocks all PCI slots, including the PCIex16 slot. I currently don't use any of the PCI slots at the back, but if I ever install a GPU the exhaust fan will have to go and I'll have to find another way of extracting hot air from the case.

I hope this helps Smiley Happy ALTERNATIVE solution for SSD mounting.jpgALTERNATIVE solutionFull Setup.jpgFULL setupSSD Installation_1.jpgSSD Installation_1SSD Installation_2.jpgSSD Installation_2

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