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Punch Card
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Re: M92p Tiny CPU options - installed Xeon E3-1265Lv2

Hi, I don't think you can replace the stock heatsink with anything readymade and get better results. Moreover, in order for the heatsink to operate properly the cover must be on at all times - the fan sucks cold air through the heatsink fins, and exhaust the hot air from the back. I know 45W is 30 % over the stock, but I have not noticed temps over 80 deg C in most extreme load cases. What temps do you get? 

Paper Tape
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Re: M92p Tiny CPU options - installed Xeon E3-1265Lv2

I'd say my avg temp is about 82C from what I see from running lmsensors (as I mentioned I run lot of simulation code and lots of compilation, including tensorflow, ns3 etc.).


Yeah. I saw the airflow pattern that the case design must follow. Actually I am planning to mod the case accordingly if I can find suitable coolers (modded if necessary). The challenge to me is to find a suitable bracket to "hold" a suitable heatsink (then cooler placement is easy). I found the following two on ebay:


But still need to be sure of the m92p mobo heatsing screwhole dimensions (after I get back home). If any of the two (or similar) can fit to mount a heatsink, I can figure out the rest as I have two slim 80mm cooling fans lying around.


For power, I will get a 90w adapter from Amazon:


I belive with everything I have now and with the correct (big IF) mount, my planned system will still be under 2.5" thickness (other dimensions almost same).

What's DOS?
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Re: m92p tiny CPU options

I really glad I found this post! I just picked up an M92p and plan to also install a hypervisor but I'm going with Oracle's VM Server. I plan to run some vpn, vlan, and pihole software on one VM and have another VM serving media from my remote fileserver and patching directly into my receiver AV gear. I have a few questions for anyone familiar with these machines...


1) When I bought this machine the other day, it was labeled by the store as an M92p. I noticed when checking it out in the evening the manufacturer's label says it's an M72e Machine Type Model: 3238A45? Confused, I pulled that up on Lenovo's website using the serial number from the manufacturer's label and, sure enough, Lenovo has it listed as an M92p, same as the store label? Now I'm really confused so I pull up just the M92p specs and they don't match, specifically it should have 4 USB ports in back but I have only 2. Does anyone have any idea why the Lenovo label would be 72 but on Lenovo's own site the serial number pulls up the 92 model??


2) I love the idea of dropping in a bigger proc. What's involved with doing that with this machine? Anything to watch out for (aside from turning it into lava)?


3) How's it working out with a hypervisor? I guess it's been up a long time by now. Any software pitfalls I should know about?



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