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M92p (Type: 323BS4) + Creative EMU-Tracker Pre USB 2.0 Audio Device = Windows 7 Freeze

PC: ThinkCentre M92p

Type: 3238BS4


BIOS-Rev: 9S99A

USB-Audio 2.0 device: Creative EMU-Tracker PRE USB 2.0

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)


My problem occurred after I installed the USB 3.0 driver from Lenovo's site and consists of the USB 2.0 audio device locking up the entire system, usually until the device is turned back off or sometimes a hard powercycle is necessary. Sometimes after freezing up the system and turning off and attempting to turn back on, the USB audio device will no longer light up.


What I have tried:

  • Re-installing the chipset drivers, USB drivers, and trying several installs of different software and drivers for the USB audio unit.
  • Ensuring all settings are correct in the BIOS and changing the USB connection with other various ports on the ThinkCentre.
  • Tried different sample rates on the USB audio device; it seems that a media player will occassionally play an audio file correctly with certain sample rates (96khz), but only through a file/media player and not through a browser/youtube.

Short of re-installing WIndows 7 from scratch and not installing the USB 3.0 driver for the ThinkCentre, I don't know what else to do to get the USB audio device work properly again.  I think the issue lies in a software bug with the latest USB 3.0 driver for the ThinkCentre.  I also had previously updated my BIOS, but the USB audio worked fine up until I installed the USB 3.0 driver.  I suspect there might be a software setting that could be adjusted for the USB audio to start working properly again, but I'm not entirely sure. I would be most appreciative of any tips or suggestions for how to get this external USB 2.0 audio device to work properly again without freezing the system up when it is turned on.  

What's DOS?
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Re: M92p (Type: 323BS4) + Creative EMU-Tracker Pre USB 2.0 Audio Device = Windows 7 Freeze

Hi tedr2017,
Have you solved this problem?
Thanks in advance.

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