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M93P Tiny: Can't Post Due To Bios Update Failure.

Hello all, I have recently received an M93P Tiny from a friend which was to be thrown out simply due to his company upgrading their PC's.


It worked at first, however, the fan was going super sonic speeds, which was causing the computer to BSoD in Windows 10 which I had installed on an SSD.


I read somewhere that the first models of this computer had that problem, however, I figured the problem might be the CPU probably just needed some thermal paste. I figured before I do that, I should do an update, hoping it wouldn't fail... It BSoD'd right in the middle of the bios update. Something told me I should have just done it in the BIOS rather than Windows, but I did anyway and it failed.


Now I can't start the computer at all. Well, it starts, and it turns off right before getting to the bios, so I can't do anything in post at all, it will always reset right before I get to the screen and loop.


I changed the jumpers around many times, cleared CMOS, removed battery ETC. No go.


I heard there was a recovery method using a disk, but I do not have access to a disc drive, as this is a tiny PC. I have the bios on a flash drive, but obviously since I can't get to any menus, I can't choose where to boot from. Can anyone lend some assistance? I know it can't be dead, it stays on if I switch the jumper to one of the other two positions, but I get no post from them.


In fact, it's strange because originally, if looking at the motherboard from the front, it seemed that it was originally working in pins (counting from the bottom to the top) 1 and 2, but 1 and 2 get no post/lenovo text at all, just two beeps. If I put them in pins 2 and 3, it does the reboot loop. There are another set of pins above 2 and 3, but I'm not sure what those are for.

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