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M93p Desktop (ThinkCentre) - CPU upgrade failed



I've got a M93p Desktop (ThinkCentre) with a LGA1150 socket and no CPU.


Since for me, it made sense that any LGA1150 CPU could work, I purchased a Intel I3-4170, installed it, but there is no video, no beep, nothing, just the fans and hdd works.


For my surprise, according to the specs, only two (?) cpus are compatible: one I5 and the other an I7. It is of no use to mention the exact cpu models.


I have three questions, I hope someone that was in my situation could help:


1. What is the technical reason why a cpu with the same socket type won't work?

2. Besides removing battery, RAM and disk drives, is there anything else I could try?

3. Can i just buy ANY motherboard compatible with the I3-4170 and put it in the M93p? Hoping that the RAM modules and PSU are 100% compatible with any component.


Thanks for your help!!!!

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