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M93z screen having an inconsistent issue with lines and intermittent flickering

I've seen some other posts for different models about similar issues, but it doesn't seem like mine really falls within the same problems as the others. If I am wrong, please let me know as I would love to have this fixed once and for all.


Starting in September 2018, after moving, my M93z all-in-one screen got some lines in it, and it would flicker depending on where on the screen windows were placed. If white colors were behind the lines, it didn't like that. If it was black, it wouldn't flicker, but the lines were still there. I started using an external monitor exclusively.


Fast forward to August 2019. I move again, this time from Boston to Sarasota, FL. The M93z rode on its side on the floor in the front passenger seat of my car which was on a trailer being towed by a 26' UHAUL truck.


When I boot up the PC after the move, the screen is cured! It works like a charm for a month.


But starting today, it is back to how it was. No, it didn't sustain any big bumps or shocks since it was set up in its current position. Only difference is that I left it on overnight to update to the latest version of Windows. When I woke up, the lines were back.


I have opened it back when this issue first happened, jiggled cables around, nothing seems to affect it. I was about to buy a new screen for it until it fixed itself back in August 2019.


Anyway, any help is appreciated. Thank you.


PS: Pictures of the screen are attached...the "quality" of the lines seem to change, but always in the same place. Taking internal screenshots don't show any lines.


Here are the pictures:


And we're back...

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