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Blue Screen Again
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M93z surround sound

I'm trying to find out if I can get a digital surround sound output from my M93z.


As far as I can tell there is only one digital audio output native on this PC - the DisplayPort audio connection.  This shows up as Intel HD Audio in the driver list.  I am running Windows 10 x64 and have updated all of the drivers and utilites from Lenovo using their tools.


I have had my DisplayPort connected to my TV through the Lenovo supplied DisplayPort to HDMI dongle.  I recently purchased an HDMI audio extractor, one with a switch where you can have it request the PC to provide it with 5.1 audio output.  Even with the TV disconnected from the audio extractor the PC sees the audio extractor device, so this should eliminate the TV from the setup.


I know that the PC will only output the audio format that it has to play from a particular program.  However, when I go to Playback Devices and check the properties of that audio connection it states that the maximum supported channels is 2.  I would expect that if everything is being detected correctly that it would state 6 or 5.1 or something like that.


(Yes, I realize there are other options to try and get this to work.  Before anyone suggests to purchase a USB sound card please try to answer my question below or help solve my problem.  Changing to a USB sound card is not what I'm asking about here.)


So my question becomes: Does the Intel HD Audio device that is built into the M93z support more than 2 channels of audio output?

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