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Punch Card
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I looked on several review sites on my IBM Thinkcentre M52 9210 (the small form factor one, NOT the tower) and it says it has ONE PCI-EXPRESS X16 expansion slot. I printed off a image of the PCI-E x16 slot and compared it to the one on my mahcine. It says it also has ONE PCI slot, and I can see it, and the one underneath must be the PCI-E, the black one.


But when I look closely it doesn't even look near to the image I had printed off. It was around 90mm (give or take a few mm) and instead of having two, seperated "gaps"(as one would identify their PCI-E x16) , my one had 5 "gaps" in them. I'm considering upgrading my computer and installing a dedicated video adapter to replace my old Intel GMA 950 integrated chipset, and I really need to know whether it is PCI-E or some other kind of slot.




Take a look at this image:


You can tell from that image, the x16 PCI-E has two so-called, "gaps", one smaller one on the right, a bigger one at the left. What puzzles me is that mine has five gaps, instead of the two. I looked up my machine on the lenovo site, and it does say it has one PCI-E slot, but it just doesn't look like a PCI-E x16. I really need someone to confirm this because if it isn't PCI-E x16 I am forced to get a PCI graphics card...Smiley Sad

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Lenovo Employee Myles_Lenovo
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Re: PCI-Express?



According to our product specifications, the ThinkCentre M52 9210 machine type has 2 expansion slots on a PCI riser:


  • Slot 1 is a half-length, x1 PCI Express slot meant for use with our PCI-E DVI-D connection adapter (part number 73P2516). It does not support x16 PCI Express adapters.
  • Slot 2 is a half-length, version 2.2, PCI slot.


These specifications are listed at:


I hope this helps.

Punch Card
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Re: PCI-Express?

Yeah, that helps alot. Thanks for the advice. So the half-length PCI slot can support a PCI graphics card?

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