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What's DOS?
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PSU failures in M70E?

Has anyone else experienced high failure rates on AcBel power supplies in M70E desktops? Nearly all of our desktops have had the PSU die at some point; our supplier has been good about repair/replacment, but the failure rates are staggering, and we are starting to see some of the "fixed" units dying after several months of usage as well.


The system will either not respond at all to a power button press, or power up for a short period of time (seconds to a few minutes) before shutting down.


Our organization is spread over several buildings at different sites, leading me to believe that power source is not the issue (not to mention the fact that other desktops are not having issues). We have different ThinkCentre models deployed in the same locations, on the same cirtcuits, and they are not having issues - just our M70Es.


Anyone else?

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Re: PSU failures in M70E?



I'm not immediately aware of anything like this, but if you are seeing high failure rates and repeat fails, we definitely want to look into it, and ensure you have the right level of support.


Can you send me a PM with your contact info, company you are with, and some additional details - size of the install base, etc.  I'll get the right folks involved to help.





What's DOS?
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Re: PSU failures in M70E?

I'm also having a problem with one of our m70e that points to the power supply unit.  I have connected it to multiple UPSs and even directly to the wall.  The user reports that it will at various times abruptly shut down.  The OS is Win 7 Pro SP1, 4 GB RAM.  I don't think it's air flow / fan failure as the PC has unobstructed air flow and the fans are rotating and quiet.


I was just going to open a trouble ticket via ESC+ but i thought I'd give this forum a try.



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