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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎01-10-2012
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Performance differences between XP on my old HP and replacement Lenovo 8810-WA3

Hello out there:

I had my virus-cleaned HP Windows XP Hard Drive data transferred to my replacement Lenovo.  I like my computer finagled to respond in my old, familiar, set-in-my ways routine. If anyone can offer advise to make it so, I would appreciate it. I have unsuccessfully searched and clicked on the computer and forums.

1.  I want my computer to immediately open a file/folder when I click on it.  The new XP Pro computer immediately opens a Search program.  To get immediate opening, I now have to right click to call up an option menu, that has Search above Open on it. Then I have to click open.

2.  I want my usb 2.0 connected Acomdata external storage Hard Drive to open with its black background menu (Restore, Skype, Explore, etc) and N in the lower right area of my task bar.  When I first downloaded the driver CD Disc, it was recognized and the Acomdata worked as usual.  Now, when I flip the on switch, an Autoload window comes up, the drive is divided in 2, as a removable device and as a CD Drive (which now contains all options on the driver disc as Winzip).  I tried to shut off autoload, but Acomdata is not listed as a Program.  When I close the autoload window before it completes its task, all the Acomdata menu and options appear and N is on the task bar.

3.  I prefer my computer to start in Normal mode.  When I run msconfig, the computer is set as Selective with various programs installed by my computer tec.  When I pressed Normal, the computer restarted with all my email/web modem addresses missing and requiring their re-entry.  When I re-pressed Selective and restarted, the computor had these addresses up and working.


Thanks to anyone who may help me get what I want, without 2 or three unnessary additional steps that rattle my nerves and grind my  teeth.  

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