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Powers off. . .


Was reading a Microsoft page today on how to create a boot floppy for XP.  Simple, copy various files from the i386 folder and the root directory to a floppy.  Boot with the floppy in the drive.  Would be nice for trouble shooting.
Copied the files to a floppy, left it in the drive and rebooted.  Didn't work, machine booted normally.
Rebooted and went into the BIOS to check boot order.  Odd, floppy not listed.  But removable drive was an option.
Pulled out an external USB floppy drive and plugged it in with the floppy inside.
Rebooted and pressed F-12 to choose temporary boot device, chose removable drive.
Machine rebooted and at the "IBM Welcome" screen, powered off.  Gulp!  Didn't even get to the Windows screen.
Powered on and same, same.  Powered off. Gulp!
Powered on and went to the BIOS and looked around.  Nothing changed.
Saved and rebooted.  Same, same.
Ok, let's remove the USB floppy drive completely.  Did.  Same, same.  Oh, NO.
Powered on and same, same.
Stare at it for a while.
Went to the patio to burn one and think.  Decided to call IBM and find a service center.
Came back in and tried one more time.  Voila.
Have no idea what happened or why.  Computers are not good for your health.
Finished the afternoon with cold ones.
Anyone have a clue?
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