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Punch Card
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Processor Numbers

Hello again, I've encountered another confusing problem again...


On this link, it says that my computer "Supports Intel Smithfield Pentium D processors with 800MHz FSB and 2x1MB L2 cache"


And then underneath that, there's a whole row of supported processors. With this whole row of processors, does that mean all of these processors will work on my machine?


And then on another link:


It says it supports "Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz to 3.2GHz, Presler processors"


Sorry if it sounds confusing (argh computer-related things are so confusing!) but I need to know the BEST possible supported processor this machine can handle - Lenovo Thinkcentre M52 9210-28M.


I really need to clear all this stuff up because I really don't want to buy a processor and then find out my motherboard can't support it and waste a hundred dollars. 


Thanks so much again.


EDIT: Please answer this as well, I looked on the Pentium D CPU numbers on the Intel site, and the lenovo specifications say , for example, the Pentium D 945, isn't on the list of supported CPUs. I also compared it, and it doesn't have Intel's Virtualization Technology, and the machine only supports the 9xx CPUs that have the VT. Does it make much of a difference if I put a processor without Virtualization Technology because my current Pentium 4 HT 531 doesn't have it. 


Question is, can the computer support the Pentium D 945? *The only real difference between the 945, to say, the 940, is a higher clock frequency and doesn't have Intel's VT Technology*


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Re: Processor Numbers

Hey Poweraml,


Have a look at the following three entries in Wikipedia - the first details the development of the various Pentium 4 processors; the second contains a useful listing of their differences/characteristics and the third has details on Pentium D processors.






The only processors that will work on your machine are those that will sit in the LGA 775 socket. While your chipset can work with a Pentium D, the increase in processor speed might be negated by the bus speed (the bottleneck which is still 800 MHz). In other words, you might outlay a lot of money for only a barely visible increase in performance.


But then, if someone else is paying, why not?

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Punch Card
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Re: Processor Numbers

Yeah, my socket is LGA 775. Thanks for the links/info. Smiley Wink


By the way, I looked at the links you provided and apart from the Pentium D EE, all of the FSB speeds are at 800MHz.


I just hope after reading the main disadvantages of the Pentium D (like the power consumption) that my computer doesn't get fried from the heat it produces.Smiley Surprised

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