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Read First: Help us to Help you! -- and All Windows 7 support ends Jan 2020

 ! For details on Windows 7 support ending in January 2020, please read this thread:  Reminder: Windows 7 End of Support  and how Windows 8.1 can still be used on older systems until 2023.   Security warning:  *Stop* using Internet Explorer (IE)  that comes with Windows 7 & 8 as your web browser. 


* For SCCM and other large scale deployment related questions, please use the 'Enterprise Client Mgmt' forum, under 'Software and OS' on the right side.  For security issues, use the 'Security' forum same location. 


1.   A number of problems are solved by updating the BIOS.   Make a note of your BIOS version by running 'system information' in Windows, or by entering BIOS setup (repeatedly press and release the F1 key when turning on the computer.)   Go to your system's support page on Lenovo Support, find BIOS under Drivers/Component and compare versions, update if necessary.  Using the CD ISO (you may need to enable CSM) or USB Drive (FAT32 format) methods are by far the most reliable update methods.   It is advisable to keep the BIOS updated for important security fixes, and to update before any major hardware or OS upgrade. 


2.   Some questions can be answered with the 'Hardware Maintenance Manual' (HMM) for your system, such as:   What expansion slots do I have?  And what ports, on the back and inside?   Installing memory.   Replacing the CMOS battery & performing a CMOS reset.   Adding a second drive.   How to recover from a failed BIOS update.   'Beep' codes at power on.   Go to the Lenovo Support page for your system, select the 'Documentation' tab, and 'Hardware Maintenance Manuals' on the left side. 


3.  There are many threads of DisplayPort (DP) adapters or DP cables not working or working marginally, and it is usually due to a no brand name product. maintains a database of tested, quality adapters (check the adaptor box, click search -- when used with Intel graphics, both the passive and active will work [active may be required beyond Full HD], but passive is less expensive) and cables (check the cables box and click search.)   AMD also has a list of recommended DP adapters.  If connecting DP to a 4k TV or monitor with HDMI, quality, active 2.0b adapter is needed.


4.   While contemporaneous AMD graphics cards will work for an upgrade, newer generation AMD cards are generally not backward compatible with older ThinkCentres.   Search for which newer Nvidia card will work with your system (start here for best cards possible), the current best low-power card is the GT 1030 DDR5.  The readme file for the Nvidia driver for your system, on the Lenovo support page, has a list of supported cards.  


Also, many ThinkCentre models support the use of the internal graphics at the same time as a PCI graphics card:  Enabling multiple monitor support

5.   When posting a question, just a friendly reminder for members, please include the following information with your post:

  • System type (please include in the title) and form factor:   Examples:  M92p, M900, M58;  Tiny, Tower, SFF

  •  System type & model number.   A seven digit code usually found on a sticker on the case along with your serial number.   Example: 1234-56X

  • Operating system installed.   Examples: Win7 32-bit, Win10 64-bit, Linux, etc.

  • BIOS version.   Can be found by running 'System Information' in Windows, or by entering the BIOS setup.

Having this information up front will help us attempt to solve your issue faster and with fewer posts back and forth asking for more information about the problem.


Finally, if your question has been answered or your issue resolved, please help us out by clicking the option for "Accept as Solution" on the appropriate post. This will help others that might have the same issue find the solution faster.


Thank You!

I do not work for Lenovo. I do not respond to Private Messages for help, your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where the information exchange may help others. If I helped you, click the 'Kudos' button, if solved, the 'Accept as Solution'.
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Re: Help us to Help you!


These are excellent guidelines. Thanks for posting them!

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PM requests for individual support are not answered. If a post solves your issue, please mark it so.

I am not a Lenovo employee.

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