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Repairing, repairing....

Hi all - this may be a Windows 10 problem, rather than a Lenovo problem, but I am looking for insights.

I bought this Thinkcentre in June.  I've used Lenovos at the office where I worked and liked them, and my IT guy there swore by Lenovos.  


Short issue - this thing keeps "finding problems" and "repairing" the drive.  I use quotation marks because I'm not convinced there are any problems with the drive.  A month after I bought it it blue-screened on me and I had to take it into a shop.  They checked the hard drive and the memory and found no problems at all, and suggested that most likely an update had corrupted the OS.


For awhile now it's been "scanning and repairing" at every startup - only takes about 10 seconds or so and then its up and running.  But this morning it wanted to do a full system repair - the message said it might take more than an hour!  Fortunately it resolved it and it was up and running normally in probably 2-3 minutes.


Any insights?  Admittedly this does not seem like a Lenovo prob, but the Microsoft forums are useless to me.



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Re: Repairing, repairing....

Download a copy of CrystalDiskInfo (freeware) and run it.  It would tell you if your drive is having and repairing disk errors.  If your disk is starting to fail. it would be good to know now.  I don't trust anything some repair shop says, but I do trust the program I suggested.


I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

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Re: Repairing, repairing....

If the system is scanning and repairing the drive on every boot (running check disk) then I would guess that it not shutting down properly for one reason or another, prompting windows to do a disk check upon restart.     Check the Windows System Event Log for any errorrs reported at time of restart. . 


A couple of things to check: 

  • After a successful restart, right-click on Start select Windows PowerShell (Admin) or Command Prompt (Admin) depending on which is offered.
  • At the prompt, type:   wmic diskdrive get status    and press Enter

Note:   The above command checks to see if the HDD or SSD is reporting any S.M.A.R.T.  errors, and if the drive is healthy it will return the following., with an OK for each installed drive.    If the message is anything but OK, the drive is reporting errors and needs to be replaced.


PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> wmic diskdrive get status


  • Again at the prompt type:    fsutil dirty query C:    and press Enter

Note: The above command will check to see if a dirty bit flag is set on on drive C:\, which if not cleared after the scan on reboot would cause Windows to run a scan again on the next boot cycle.    If it is not set prior to reboot, then that could point to a shutdown problem (the system is crashing on shutdown or shutting off abruptly (pressing the power button to turn it off vs. doing a normal Start >> Shutdown).  


  • Again at the promt type:   get-status     and press Enter

Note:  This command will list all the volumes on the drive, and their HealthStatus.    They should all be shown as Healthy, even those that may be listed as Unknown (typically the hidden OEM partitions).


The Scanning and Repairing is drive check, but you also mention a "full system repair" message as well, which sounds like Windows was having trouble loading, which could point to an actual drive issue.



Best of luck, 

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