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Fanfold Paper
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SSD Installation in an M83SFF desktop

I have an M83SFF desktop that is six years old. It works perfectly well but its performance is hampered by a slow hard drive. I would like to install a 500 GB SSD and use it as the boot drive. I would keep the original drive (as Disk 0) and have the SSD as drive 1. I plan to clone the original drive on to the SSD and change the boot sequence so that the SSD is accessed first by the BIOS. Does this plan make sense, or do I have to remove the orignal hard drive and install the SSD as drive 0?


If anyone has some advice on how to proceed (what cloning software to use, etc) I'd appreciate it. I'm sure that many folks have either replaced their original drive with an SSD or added one to an M83SFF or a similar model.


Thanks a heap.

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Re: SSD Installation in an M83SFF desktop

Hi there. I don't have your exact model but I have done a similar upgrade on a few ThinkCentres SFF in the past. 


I think having the SSD as Disk 1 and setting it as the first boot sequence in BIOS is the right way to go. 


As for cloning, I've personally used EaseUS in the past, and they have a pretty nice guide here:


In terms of actually opening the SFF and getting access to the drive bay area, I would recommend taking a look at these part removal and replacement videos:

After you successfully clone the drive and boot into the SSD, you can format the original drive with Disk Management, which is built into Windows.  Here's a guide on that:

Hope that helps, and feel free to follow up with additional questions!

Eric Xu

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: SSD Installation in an M83SFF desktop

Hi Eric,


Thank you for the quick and very useful reply. I've installed hard drives in desktops in the past but have never installed an SSD. I had no idea that Lenovo had the library of videos; I found the set for my model. I currently use EaseUS ToDo free backup but have never had to use it to clone a disk. You have provided me with excellent help and I appreciate it. I'll watch the videos, open my machine and look around inside.


I'll probably have some additional questions in the future but you have certainly given me everything I need to get started.


Thanks again,



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