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ThinkCentre M series Win 10 and Realtek Combo Sucks

Well, after a couple months of research, and trying most anything not registry invasive, I have finally decided that the last hope of stutter free audio is to install a cheap sound card.  One is on the way.  No matter what I did for my M81 motherboard audio, install, uninstall, install drivers, from realktek, Lenovo and Win10, (including Win10 tweaks like turning off extra sound options) after about 10 hours of my puter running, audio would go to hell on me and stutter and rumble every few seconds making Utube, news feeds, Amazon Prime and Netflix unusable until I turned off the computer and started it back up.  Not a restart, a shut down.  Probably music too, I don't use my puter for that.

Determined to find the problem I then looked at hardware. Opting to upgrade this I5-2500 system anyways to a graphics level just short of heavy gaming, I first installed a 480W Power Supply, then a GTX 1050 Graphics card.  Wow.  Then going for broke on the unchanged sound problem I installed a newer M92p motherboard and replaced my 4GB PC3-8500u with 8GB 10600U.

Using "Performance Test" with each upgrade (except power supply) my passmark ratings soared, indicating that I now had a system at 63% of world rated ones.  Not too shabby for a 70 year old couch potato who still plays Links 2003 Gold.  As to my sound problem?  Still as annoying and elusive as ever.  Should I decide to pursue it further I will simply buy a full version of Win7 Pro 64bit and send Win10 to the winds.  I never have like Win 10 trying to run my puter and life with all its little intrusive updates & gimmicks.

I have posted this in hopes that 1.  Someone may have a real, simple and proven solution, or 2.  So that anyone else will not change out hardware components like i did to no sound benefit.

Could it be that Lenovo, Realtex and Microsoft don't care about LGA1155 slot mbs anymore?


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Re: ThinkCentre M series Win 10 and Realtek Combo Sucks

M81 and some M92p (with Sandy Bridge Processor) are not supported for Win 10 by Intel & Microsoft.   I'm not aware of any systemic problems with the RealTek audio with an appropriate OS and drivers installed, and Win 7 is more contemporaneous with those systems. 

I do not work for Lenovo. I do not respond to Private Messages for help, your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where the information exchange may help others. If I helped you, click the 'Kudos' button, if solved, the 'Accept as Solution'.

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