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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎10-05-2010

ThinkCentre M58 7360 CE8 - USB Host Controller / USB ports question

Hi all,


I am having intermittent issues with USB devices connect to the computer. I have several devices (USB card reader, camera...) all connected to USB ports on the back of the computer. Occasionally, one of these devices would stop responding. this has happened on several different systems so I dont think it is an issue with a single device...


What I want to know is how many USB host controller are on each computer? Is there a separate controller/circuit for the 2 USB ports at the front than the 6 USB ports at the back of the computer? I am hoping to separate these devices to be on different controller/circuit to see if that help with the intermittent disconnect of USB devices.


Hope some one can answer my question...I've been try to look for some documentation for the MB but non available...


Thank you much.

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Re: ThinkCentre M58 7360 CE8 - USB Host Controller / USB ports question

you can how many usb controllers from the control panel, system, system property.

Jin Li

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