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Punch Card
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Re: ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds constantly 100%

  Over all the systems I adminstrate the fan issue isn't a very frequent issue, but it is an issue that can be quite frustrating and take up a lot of time/resources to figure out issue, which is why I'm documenting each case and resolution that I generally get when I get them. 


Received system MT 7483-A16

Issue: Loud Fan, no power on boot. 


Put Memory in different banks, reseated internal cables, checked usb connections, pushed down on USB connections to make sure it isn't adjusting the motherboard or that the motherboard isn't offset.  Tested PSU via Voltage tester (PSU good), removed HD, Sata cables to separate issue from that device, pulled CMOS battery, does the same, no boot just fan at full speed, no post, no beeps, no video.  I have the same MT 7483-A16 motherboard available, swapped it out, boots up, no loud fan, ran PC Doctor, all shows everything as a clean bill of health.  Replacing Motherboard. 

Punch Card
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Re: ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds constantly 100%

Sry - Issue: Loud Fan, no power on boot.  (system did have power, just no boot). 

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds constantly 100%

I experienced the speeding fan issue when I added a PCIe card, the ATI HD5570, to my M58.  It refused to boot and would power on with a beeping code (sometimes) or just go into a speeding fan condition with no BIOS access.  Turns out my card is not supported, a BIOS update may fix the issue, but I had to remove it for now.  It sounds like the speeding fan may be a default response for a number of hardware scenarios (failures, seating issues, incompatabilities, etc.).

Punch Card
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Re: ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds constantly 100%

Please you tried to install/move RAM to slot 1(near CPU), I found the machine work quiet.

What's DOS?
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Re: ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds constantly 100%

Hi everyone, I've been having exactly the same problem. Case fan stuck around 4000+ rpm, basically unbearable but I have been stupid enough to ignore it for a few months after I couldn't solve the issure before. I tried taking out all the cables, (usb, ethernet, etc.) WIth no attachments except the power cable, I had blissful silence when the computer was turned on. However, I found that when I attached my monitor, (dvi) cable to my graphics card, the fan went loud again. After double checking, I concluded that this cable+graphics card was responsible for the loud case (but not gpu) fan. As of now I have removed my graphics card and all is well except I can't play any games. I've concluded that there are one of two defects: the computer has a problem and doesn't work with graphics cards. OR the graphics card is defective and is causing problems with my pc. I'd love to be able to keep my graphics card so if someone could find a software solution it would be great.

P.S. the graphics card functioned perfectly except for causing this fan issue.

Punch Card
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Re: ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds constantly 100%

Troubleshooting another loud fan issue.  Get power and able to get into windows.  MT7483A16 this one your able to boot up and get into windows but has a loud fan.  I ran pc doctor, it did say that there was a keyboard failure.  I wrote that off as I run my keyboard through a KVM and possibly didn't like it, otherwise all else is good. 

-Reseated / moved memory, same. 

-Removed the cmos battery, same.

-Reseated the motherboard, processor, same, loud fan.

-Took same type of motherboard, removed the processor, ram, from the one with the loud fan, put all the other parts into the test one, no loud fan. 


Replacing motherboard

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds constantly 100% - NOT fixed

I was wrong in my previous post to think the fan issue was fixed. It had gone quiet because I hadn;t reconnected the fan lead! It was giving a BIOS beep of fan failure going to network boot, but when that failed it booted normally from HD and all was nice and quiet - no fan at all! CPU temperatures stayed okay (<45C) as the room is not too hot, but obviously I couldn't leave it like this.


I plugged the fan back in a rebooted, expecting the usual wind tunnel sound effects, but joy, it started up with the fan running quietly at 660 rpm and all was well. Joy... for a couple of weeks.


Just now I was trying to copy a CD with Nero, and it read on image of the original CD no problem, but then seized at the point where it was going to burn the new CD. Nothing would respond (no mouse, no ctrl+alt+del etc). I had to use a forced power off with the power switch. And then, you guessed it, after rebooting the loud fan was back, and nothing I've been able to try since has fixed it.


I've tried removing and reseating all motherboard cables, but just the same problem.


This really is ridiculous. With the number of us reporting this, there clearly is some issue with these machines that Lenovo should be fixing, or at least explaining. I'm really depressed by it - it's a one-off machine, I'm in a remote area, and I can;t just go around replacing motherboards in the hope it might fix it.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds do not respond to Processor Load

I'm seeing the same issue, but I have changed the Subject to what I believe is

more relevant.  I took delivery of this 7483-W59 IBM/Lenovo Certified Used machine with

3-year Lenovo Warranty on June 18th.  I had been playing with the Rescue and Recovery system

and had loaded/destroyed/loaded the hard drive many times, so the Windows/XP system there

is not anything I am currently concerned with.  Just last week on Wednesday, June 30th,

I noticed that the fan was "winding out" and NOT being responsive to the Processor loading.

I downloaded and installed SpeedFan 4.40 and it showed that the fan was running at 4000+ RPM.

I would occasionally reboot and the fan would runup in BIOS/POST and then slow down to about

650 RPM's or so AND STAY THERE. NOT GOOD.   When I hit the Processor with a heavy load,

expecting the fan to run up, it didn't.  I checked BIOS settings, but there wasn't anything that  I recognized

that was directly related to the Fan controls.  To make a long story SHORT, I am one Motherboard,

Processor, Fan, and Temp Detector (2N3904 transistor wired as a diode (base-collector shorted)) all replaced and NO FIX to this issue.  Lenovo is to call me Monday, July 12th, 2010.  I left them my Home Phone number and my Tieline/Outside number at the IBM Plant where I work as a Contractor (I am an IBM Retiree).  I want an answer to this business once and for all.   <========================  My configuration does use the DisplayPort connection to DVI-D cabling to an Acer X233H Display.  My keyboard and mouse are tradtional IBM PS/2 units using a USB-PS/2 adapter cable.  Mouse is actually from a 1996 IBM Aptiva wireless mouse.  (Wow, we had that back then?)  I am thinking of ordering the PS/2 Knockout cable that plugs into the M58p 7483 motherboard to accommodate a direct PS/2 mouse and keyboard operation.  (The Lenovo P/S2 cable is 43N9146 $16.50-US is in the HMM.)  I'll post here if I can get some answers.  (Otherwise, Lotus Notes are going to start flying!)  By the way, when the fan is running at 650 RPM's, the fan speed is affected by the ambient temp of the Temp Sensor.  If i hold the transistor with my fingers covering it, its temp goes up to 35C and the fan speeds up to around 1200 RPM's.   When I let go, it drops to around 27C and the fan returns to 650 RPM's or so.  There is some intelligence there.  BUT I do see that the "CPU die" temp as reported by SpeedFan 4.40 is a NEGATIVE number (-63C).  I suspect that this might be a limitation of the SpeedFan 4.40 freeware (but is it?).  More to Come.......

Punch Card
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ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds constantly 100%

Have a system M58, won't boot, post, no video, but loud fan.  I reseated ram, nothing, reseated motherboard cables, nothing, removed CMOS battery for 2 minutes, now is booting just fine.  Will run PC Doctor tests to determine if there are any other issues. 

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkCentre M58 - Fan speeds constantly 100%

I have the same issue.


I contacted the Lenovo support, they first send me a new thermal sense cable, but replacing it did not help anything. (In case you need a thermal sens cable please contact me)


Today the technical support replaced the motherboard, but the fan is still very loud. The technical support told me the noise is normal, but I am very sure that a computer today should not be that loud. I am running Ubuntu Linux.

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