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ThinkCentre M710s: how to add 2nd HDD?

Hi there,
Would someone please kindly advise if I can install a 2nd HD (  2.5" or 3.5" ) SATA in a M710s ( 10M7000FUS  ) with a Lenovo Slim 2.5" Storage bay adapter ( 4XF0P01010  ).  My understanding is that this bay can accommodate 2.5 or 3.5" HD.   Many thanks


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Re: ThinkCentre M710s: how to add 2nd HDD?

Pretty confusing to me.  Although the description would suggest that this is the proper complete parts kit to add a second drive in the M710s secondary drive assembly, it doesn't look like what the system service parts list explosion graphic shows.




Quite frankly, I don't understand how you can install a 3.5" drive in the smaller secondary drive bay space intended for a 2.5" drive so I don't know why they are providing that 3.5"-to-2.5" adapter part.  Maybe they really mean if you want to install a 2.5" drive in the primary 3.5" bay, not the secondary 2.5" bay.  Or, maybe it's actually true that the secondary drive bay can support either size bracket?? Very confusing wording.  Maybe you have to have it in your hands and open the M710s to actually look inside, to understand how these parts might be used.


Also, in my own prior experience, there is always a "blue metal or plastic bezel" holder (or "caddy") that wraps around the 2.5" drive and then the whole assembly slides into the second chassis bay.  I can't recall if screws are involved.  But this might only be in a tower situation or maybe in older somewhat larger SFF cases.  I've always ordered tower and SFF machines with the empty/blank parts pre-installed in the second drive bay (costs something like $10) even if I didn't actually order a second drive from Lenovo, all ready for me to someday (or right away) add my own second drive (e.g. SSD) there.  So I've never ordered the pieces after-the-fact like you're trying to do now.


Nevertheless, it might be that there's something new for the M710s/M910s cases as they are actually considerably smaller than previous generations of SFF cases.  So maybe there's a new smaller design for the secondary drive bay and that's how a second drive gets installed now.  It does look there's some discrepancy between the service parts graphic and this 1010 part, but maybe they have a smaller all-metal "caddy" the the 2.5" drive now attaches to inside of, rather than that old blue skeleton-like part I'm familiar with.


However... the exploded M710s parts picture definitely shows what appears to be that plastic drive "bezel" (13) I described still surrounding the secondary drive (14) which all fits into the secondary drive bracket (15).







And then there is the actual hardware maintenance manual, which also seems to show reference to exactly that plastic bezel around the drive, which you hold onto when removing/replacing the drive inside the secondary storage drive bracket.  So I'm wondering if this 1010 part is the "bracket", and that there is still a second part item for the "bezel" which inserts into the bracket.



Punch Card
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Re: ThinkCentre M710s: how to add 2nd HDD?

Thanks for your guidance.  It is indeed very confusing and I agree with your point that the bay adapter is intended for someone who wants to change the 3.5 to 2.5 in the primaty bay.   Thanks

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