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ThinkCentre M800 M900 SFF drive bays - partnumbers needed

Hi, I'm trying to add drives to the M800/M900 SFF (10FX, 10FY) and need the FRU's for the bays. It is not clear in the FRU list what to choose.

Can anyone clarify for me:

Optional 2,5" bay (under the 3,5" bay) for 2nd drive

2,5" plastic tray (the blue one)

3,5" bay in the 5,25" slot


I guess this is the 3,5" tray (blue one): 00XD462




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Re: ThinkCentre M800 M900 SFF drive bays - partnumbers needed

I believe this Lenovo part 4XF0F33440 (which works in an M93p-SFF, according to the comment at the bottom) could also work in the M800/M900-SFF cases.  It's for the second 2.5" drive. You can certainly call IBM Parts/Accessories to confirm.


I recently bought an M800-SFF for my cousin, but ordered it with the "2nd hard drive adapter bracket" (for $10) pre-installed.  So all I had to do was install my own 2.5" Samsung 850 Pro SSD in that already present second bracket/cage to go along with the Lenovo-provided HDD spinner in the primary cage, and then "clone" Win7 over from HDD spinner to SSD, change the BIOS boot sequence, and I was up and running on my own installed SSD. I then re-purposed the HDD spinner for "data".  I assume you want to do the same.



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