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Paper Tape
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ThinkCentre: recommissioned system will not boot from HDD; BIOS, AMT, PXE, M91p

bought a ThinkCentre M91p, minus the hard drive. The bios rev is 9HKT43AUS and BOOT block is 9H43A

Fitted a blank 2TB hard drive, with the intention of loading LINUX mint. My problem is that the system is still

attempting to boot from a non existing LAN. The original specification inculded PXE V2.1 and AMT 7.1

How Can I return this Unit to boot normally to the HHD. Will upgrading the Bios Acheive this, or must I also

work on the Uefi.  Sorry if this seems simple It is causing me a large amount of stress.


Mod:  expanded the problem description on the Subject line


Token Ring
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Re: m91p rebuild bios problems

I'd recommend going into the UEFI, which replaces the old BIOS standard, and resetting to optimal defaults, which will likely fix the issue. You also should update it, if you have access to a Windows system use rufus to format a bootable dos usb stick and copy the contents of the USB Drive UEFI BIOS Flash Package so you won't need Windows (or a CD) on the actual system to do updates. The current version is 58 vs the 43 you have on there now. By the way you can also use rufus to install Windows to a usb drive for 'Windows To Go' mode which is quite useful at times, especially if you don't want Windows on the system itself. You can download a Windows 10 iso directly from Microsoft's website and via rufus  'Windows To Go' mode isn't limited to just the Enterprise version.


 -Maintenance release.

-Update CPU microcode  for VT FlexPriority.

- Updates the CPU microcode M12206A7_00000028.PDB.

- Computrace update.                                  
- Upgrades flash BIOS tool afuwingui. 

- Modify C State Support option items in WMI and related help messages in BIOS Setup.

- Replaces bitlocker issue solution, which was added in 50A, with a new solution. 
- Fixes CPU Cache Info is incorrect in SMBIOS. 
- Adds a C0 item option for C state and modify correlative descriptions. 

-Upgrades MEBX to new version MEBX released with ME kit(MEBX:
-Fixes where UUT can't be waked up in Weekly Event mode by RTC when set "System Date" to some day of 2012. 
-Fixes where a bitlocker issue about PCR 5 measuring. 
-Adds a patch for fingerprint keyboard issue.

-Update the CPU microcode M12206A7_00000025.PDB

-Fixes Fan curve Lost after resuming from S3.
-Upgrades ME_BIOS_Extension to

-Updates the CPU microcode. 
-Adds an control item "Low MMIO Align" in BIOS Setup.
-Removes the BIOS solution for parallel port resource arrangement added in 44A.
-Modify the Hard disk name display format in BIOS Setup. 
-Fixes the CPU test error in the application PC-Doctor.
-Fixes where it will input two characters when just press the Fingerprint keyboard once in sometimes. 
-Fixes the Parallel port resource arrangement in OS don't match the settings in BIOS Setup.	
-Fixes where user can still enter BIOS Setup without using the administer password in some condition.

-Added the CPU & Chipset CRID function control item in BIOS Setup.
-Fixes the compatible issue with P690 video card. 
-Fixes the compatible issue with Intel Celeron G440 CPU.
-Removes the USB controller in OS device manager when selection "USB Support" as "Disabled".

-Fixes the System Serial Number display style which can not be restored when doing CMOS data restore.
-Fixes the TCG Security Feature status which can not be restored to disabled in some special condition.

-Added support for more types of Intel SandyBridge processor. (I5-2320, I3-2130, I3-2125, I3-2120T, G860, G630, G630T, G540, G530, G530T, G440)
-Added support for 2.2 TB hard drivers in Raid mode.
-Fixes the RTC weekly wake up function when it is sometimes invalid.
-Fixes the system which will boot from Auto Boot Sequence when it reboots the Window XP OS after resuming from S3.

- Fixes the Front USB port which cannot work when connecting with AMT KVM function.
- Fixes the compatibility with ATI 2400 Video card.
- Fixes the issue where XP cannot enter into S3 sleep mode
- Fixes thDisk error issue in the AMT web GUI's event log.
- Fixes some punctuation error in BIOS Setup help message.
- Fixes the issue where of post error display when 2 or more more Fingerprint Keyboards are connected.
- Fixes some types of USB 3.0 HDD which wrongly recognized as FDD in BIOS Setup.
- Fixes the Port connector and System Slot information in SMBIOS which does not match.

- Fixes system which will hang during shutting down OS, when set "Onboard Ethernet Controller" to disabled in Setup menu.
- Fixes system which will sometimes hang at Lenovo logo picture during the system power on.
- Fixes system can be reboot by pressing "CTRL+ALT+DEL" after entering password incorrectly 3 times in Setup menu.
- Fixes no screen output from client system during SOL.
- Fixes COM1 loopback test fail when run burnin 6.0 while the COM2 connects with a COM connector.

- Fixes no boot device in USB Floppy type when there is no Floopy disk in FDD.
- Fixes system can be woken up from S3&S4 by COM modem after disabled wake up 
  function in Power management.
- Fixes can not set "123" as the password For Samsung HD502HJ HDD. 

- Corrects SMBIOS information of CPU (External clock and L2-Cache size).
- Fixes can't recover BIOS with PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W2410A1.03 USB ODD.

- Fixes fingerprint can not relate password issue.
- Fixes remotebios tools can not change password issue.

- Initial Production BIOS release  


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Paper Tape
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Re: m91p rebuild bios problems

ten thousand times thank you. Must sleep now, but the morrow will bring new hope.

Paper Tape
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Re: m91p rebuild bios problems

Cleared Bios, took chance to replace battery. Flashed the latest available Bios, which completed without incident.

Problem still remains, Boot Block version remained unaltered. HHD still not being accessed " no system software".

Will boot from optic drive, Can install linuxmint from optic drive, and inspection of the HHD shows a full installation, as would be expected. The problem appears to be that AMT 7.1 is active, I have yet to find how to switch it off. its settings are held apart from BIOS, in eerom associated with the LAN controllers, the hunt continues, any suggestions please.

Not yet considering a hole in the garden

Token Ring
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Re: m91p rebuild bios problems

So the password for AMT is still set?


If so the following may help to reset it back to default.


Hardware Maintenance Manual (Tower and Small Form Factor) - ThinkCentre M91/M91p


Pg 53, 85, 127


Hardware Maintenance Manual (Ultra Small Form Factor) - ThinkCentre M91/M91p


Pg 49, 78

Red Hat - SSME
ThinkStation P320 - ThinkCentre m900 Tiny - ThinkPad P50 - ThinkPad Yoga 260
Paper Tape
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Re: m91p rebuild bios problems

 Thanks all, pointers to hand books brilliant, interesting and informative, lot of reading to do. Have copies of AMT v7.1 and PXE v2.1, specifications " heavy reading", but does show all that is involved, armed with this extra information I will be able to investigate further. Though it looks as if my Lenovo will playing host to another motherboard and working whilst the lenovo board will be in my bench test setup. While I attempt to find ways to regain control. carefull notes will be kept of all trials and failures, and hopefully the cure. To add to the communities bank of knowledge which I am finding helpfull and comforting

Paper Tape
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Re: m91p rebuild bios problems

progress report, Further investigation confirms that PXE GE V.1.3.65 is part of the initial INTEL smBIOS V2.6

latest version of which is 5561. it specifically mentions PXE and names it the LAN option ROM. as part of the

pre boot architecture. The normal method of changing it, is via the LAN network it is desperately trying to contact.

The suggested cure is to set another pc up as a server, connect to the lenovo, and remotely configure the boot order.

The software to acheive this is in excess of £50. so I am changing out the mother board. Installing Linux, with the hope that suitable server routines are available to achieve the necessary changes. Many thanks to all who have offered advice it certainly pointed me in right direction. The work will continue, logs will be kept and any final resolution will be posted back. again many thanks

Paper Tape
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Re: m91p rebuild bios problems

As promised Solution found. On the sugestion of a local repairer. Did a fresh install of windows in the hope that the large amount of diagnostic software available would help. The fresh install onto a newly formatted hard drive ensured that a fresh UEFI sector had to be generated, resetting the values stored by both PXE v2.6 and AMT 7.1. The  BIOS set up routine was now allowing me control over the boot order. continued running the windows iso, until it  completed.

Re partioned and installed Linux Mint. Removed Windows to avoid paying an extra license. I have now to report that

ET has left the building, we have our phone lines back, Pingo is delighted with his new rink. All thats left is to thank everyone who responded to my cry for help, and hope that this lights the way for another lost soul looking for a guiding light.

Token Ring
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Re: m91p rebuild bios problems

@KenLH383 wrote:

Removed Windows to avoid paying an extra license.

The system most likely came with a Windows license,Microsoft distributes the Windows 7/8.1/10 ISOs directly on their website.  You can check if it has a digital license for Windows 10 by attempting to install it and then checking the license status, you don't even need a key to install Windows 10 but if its not licensed it will show a watermark in the bottom right. If the system only has a license for Windows 7/8.1 you can also install those using a standard key as listed on wikipedia which then should cause it to check SLP in the UEFI.


System Locked Pre-installation


Software Download - Microsoft


Microsoft Takes Another Step Towards Minimizing Activation Issues on Windows 10

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ThinkStation P320 - ThinkCentre m900 Tiny - ThinkPad P50 - ThinkPad Yoga 260
What's DOS?
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Re: ThinkCentre: recommissioned system will not boot from HDD; BIOS, AMT, PXE, M91p

did you call intell be carefull some times no english speaking host's ? do you know what the BUS speed PCIe 16 is 2.0,2.1,3.0 seem to have trouble fining that out maybie im lazzy

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