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What's DOS?
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Thinkcentre A52 CPU Upgrade

Hi Folks


I have upgraded my A52 Thinkcentre with a Intel Pentium D925 (2 x 3.00)Ghz processor.  My computer is working fine however there is one slight problem.  When I power on and the system goes through the initial BIOS it displays a message that the BIOS is invalid.  It then displays a number of other messages and finally boots .  Everything then works fine (I will take note of the various messages next then I power on and post them).  My BIOS is:  2EKT46A.

Is there a BIOS upgrade that I can use to solve this problem?

Any help appreciated.




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Re: Thinkcentre A52 CPU Upgrade

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First off you'll have to ensure you have the proper CPU, only D0 step Pentium Ds will work. For the 925 the S-Spec number on the face of the processor would be SL9KA. (S-Spec SL9D9 is a C1 step CPU and will not work.) Virtualization will not work on this machine.


If you have a SL9KA cpu, then a BIOs upgrade would be in order. Download the CD rom .iso from the Lenovo support site after entering your model and type number (in the format XXXX-XXX) on the support page, and then navigating to the downloads section, and then expanding the BIOs tab. Flashing the BIOs from within the operating system is not recommended, its wonky. Burn the .iso file to a CD and reboot with it in the optical drive, and then follow the instructions on screen. When it asks if you want to update the motherboard serial number, or the model and type number select "no".


As long as you have a D0 step CPU installed this should clear up the problems.

What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkcentre A52 CPU Upgrade



Many thanks for such a quick reply. Your suggestion worked a treat. When I first got the A52 it had no hdd.  My original attempt involved installing the updated CPU + new hdd + installing windows XP Professional all in one go. This however did not work as during the installing of the OS a large number of .DLL files were flagged as being missing.  

I followed this by installing the original CPU.   Loading the OS then worked ok but lead to the problem I contacted you about.

If anybody is planning to install the Pentium D925 (SL9KA) in their Thinkcenter A52 make sur the OS is installed first and then flash the BIOS by booting from it.  

Your help was greatly appreciated.





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