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Registered: ‎08-13-2010
Location: Tucson, Arizona
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Accepted Solution

Thinkcentre M58 7244 Graphics

Now, the next question is, can the abysmal Intel on board graphics on the M58's mobo be replaced?  There is a vacant PCI slot and a BIOS setting thjat allows its use.  However the barrier seems to be the very wimpy 280 watt PSU.


Anybody done it?

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Re: Thinkcentre M58 7244 Graphics

Hi again

Changing the onboard Intel GPU really can't be done. If you have a slot open then yes you can add a better GPU.

Just make sure your order the correct type. If your wanting to game or use PS etc... then it would be wiser to get a new machine only if your motherboard has PCI. If you can use AGP or PCI-e then its not so bad.

PCI is not going to be much of an improvement and you will kinda waste your money.
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Posts: 421
Registered: ‎08-13-2010
Location: Tucson, Arizona

Re: Thinkcentre M58 7244 Graphics

The problem got resolved yesterday by an Intel update to the on board graphics driver.  It now works perfectly on all web sites.  It is turning out to be a decent little machine.