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Lenovo has identified a situation in which a false failure may occur when running a Lenovo UEFI diagnostic test on various Think and Lenovo systems.


Impacted systems:

Lenovo S510

ThinkCentre E73, M73, M73z, M79, M700, M83, M800, M93, M93z, M900

ThinkStation P300, P310, P410, P500, P700, P900


Configured with:

Seagate 500Gb SATA Hard drive - ST500DM002 PN: 1SB10A-541

Seagate 1000GB SATA Hard drive - (1 TB) - ST1000DM003 PN 1SB102-541


The workaround at this time is to retest with a Lenovo stand-alone Windows-based or Linux-based diagnostic tool while Lenovo works on the solution. Diags by other vendors will shows the false failure.


Please see this Service TIP for more information:

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I have downloaded the latest version of the Lenovo Diag and when I create either a flash drive or CD I receive and error when it loading the Linux OS. Kernel Panic - Not Syncing: Attempted to kill init! Exit code=0x000000100. Attached is the screen shoot. 





Lenovo Diag disk: linux-bootable-cd-41208665

I have created it both from command line and from the bootable generator utility with the same results.


I have a ThinkCenre Corei3 desktop that comes with original OS 8.1 .

It came with the product key sticke placed on the desktop.

I have misplaced the product key sticker and need to reinstal my OS from the CD but need the product key to activate

the windows after installation.


How do i get the product key?

Is there anywhere in the OS i can search and get the product key?


Nigiss,  if it is misplaced,  you have two options. Buy a key off of ebay.  Or just search how to extract windows product key from your REG from CMD prompt is the most effective way,  idk if telling his this is violation of terms of use,  but that system does come for the sticker in mention,  there is no reason to doubt.  Win 8 keys are a dime a dozen I doubt unless truth was being told that this is indeed a issue for him,  with that said I feel strong in saying it is okay to let the info out that such is possible on windows of any version for that matter except windows 10