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Paper Tape
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USB port failures on M58p

I have had numerous USB port problems and failures on these Lenovo desktops. These problems seem to be with the 2 USB ports on the front. Is this known? Is there a fix? They will work one second and fail the next. It does not matter what type of device - even a flashdrive might not enumerate. To make matters worse, sometimes the device will enumerate but then it cannot be queried with a terminal app (i.e. HyperTerminal). Any ideas? Thanks.

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Betreff: USB port failures on M58p

First of all check the cable from USB-Port to the system Board.

Second, check your system board as described here:

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Re: USB port failures on M58p

how many systems are you experiencing problem on? The 3 M58p we have in the office has been trouble free for 2 years now, and the front usb ports are constantly in use.

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Paper Tape
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Re: USB port failures on M58p

I'm using 3 of these machines, 2 of them frequently. One of them had an unreliable front USB port immediately (had to cover it with postit). I am actually testing USB devices, so it isn't typical use of connecting something and leaving it for a while.

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