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Video Card initialization seems to fail during power up or restart

I am working on a friend's ThinkCentre M55 which has an add on video card connected to two monitors.  When performing a restart, this card seems to fail to initialize, leading to blank screens, a failed restart, and often some BIOS beeps, I believe Long/Short Short.  This also occurs the next time one tries to power on after shutting  down from windows XP.  However, if the power is completely removed, by unplugging the computer from the mains power, allowing the pilot light on the power supply to completely fade, then plugging the computer back into the power mains, waiting for the initial "fan roar" to cease, and then starting the computer using the power on button, the video card monitors receive a video signal, and one is eventually able to log onto the machine.


It seems that there have been at least one other person with a similar problem, but there were no replies.


Also, a link in a post that I found that might give me a key to decoding the Bios beeps just leads back to the new support home page.  This is quite frustrating.


I'm not impressed.

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Re: Video Card initialization seems to fail during power up or restart

From a service manual:


1 long and 2 short beeps:

Monitor or video adapter card error.


Perform the following actions in order.
1. Make sure the monitor is properly connected to the
2. Replace the video adapter card (if present).
3. Replace the system board.


I would also suggest you test your computer memory.
Try Memtest86.

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Re: Video Card initialization seems to fail during power up or restart

which graphics card does your friend have? also what model of the M55 is it?

Regarding link and that, it is probably due to the fact that Lenovo is migrating their support website.

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