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What's DOS?
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looking for bios upgrade for IBM ThinkCentre

Hi....... I am hoping that someone may be able to pint me in the right direction.  


I have an old IBM Thinkcentre..... I am not sure which exact model it is.  Used to use it in my home office, but moved it out to the entertainment center ages ago and basically use it as a "jukebox" that I have stored all my music into and feed my audio system.  I run nothing else, and it worked fine doing this for years.  Anyway, with a recent update in iTunes, I now am experiencing issues playing back music, as I never have before.  


I populated the main board with 4GB of RAM, but when I check in system information...... although it states 4GB installed, it only chows 2.25GB in "total physical memory".


I have tried everything I could to increase performance of the resources I have..... disabled what was unnecessary and turned off everything that does not absolutely need to run in the background, but have only improved things a bit.  In doing some research, it was suggested that a  BIOS update "may" allow me to go beyond the RAM limitations of my system.  I figured I would try this out before bagging it and just investing in a new computer.


Anyway, I have attached a snapshot of my system configuration.  Can anyone help me find a later version of BIOS?  I have tried searching for it myself, but everything points me back to the Lenovo site, were I cannot find anything.  When I plug in my serial number, it does not find anything (probably way too old).  When I search for anthing for my main board, P/N 89P7942, I get nothing.  I tried to install the Lenovco Service Bridge, and it finds nothing.


Anyway, can anyone help me find an uopdate to the BIOS that would supercede my original version of IBM 2AKT51AUS, dated 7/6/2005?


Any guidance would be appreciated.





Bit Torrent
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Re: looking for bios upgrade for IBM ThinkCentre

You have a ThinkCentre M50-8189. 4GB max memory.


Due to the way memory was allocated at that time, the top 1GB of memory is RESERVED.

Your BIOS is probably up to date.


Other users may have more information to offer about the top 1GB of memory.


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