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thinkcentre edge 72 video card issues

2018-02-10, 14:54 PM

Hello guys, I've got this problem:

I've bought a second-hand ThinkCentre Edge 72 SFF desktop and a Lenovo Radeon HD 7450 graphics to go with it. Since it was an OEM Lenovo-branded card and originally available for this very computer as a CTO option, I thought "what could go wrong?"


Boy, a lot. I Plugged the card in, installed the OS (Windows 8.1 x64) and the went to fiddle with the BIOS for a bit. That's where I stumbled upon this problem: when the graphics was installed, you couldn't disable CSM and enable Secure Boot, because if you did, you'd lose video. It took me a few tries and a BIOS update to find out what was causing the black screens. So I did some googling and found out Lenovo knows about this and they offer an official solution, which is a VBIOS flash - see here: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/dk/en/solutions/HT081709


Great, huh? So I followed the instructions TO THE LETTER and read everything twice before acting, ran the AtiWinFlash, but got a flash error after a few seconds. Clicked OK, closed the prompt and restarted the PC. To this point I still had video output, however after the reboot the screen was black like when the secure boot was enabled before.


So I pulled out the card to see if it's gonna run on IGP and it did, so I loaded BIOS defaults and double checked that CSM is enabled and Secure Boot disabled. Put the card back in to no avail, still no change, which kinda made me sure that the card is bricked.


Since then I tried numeous solutions to flash the original vbios back, but I cannot bring it to life, anyhow, including follwing:

- selecting IGP as default video output and enabling mulit-display to get the HD7450 as a "slave card". (didn't help, even when another known good card is plugged in, it prioritizes the PEG and there's no chance to get the IGP as primary - probably an error in the bios)
- tried it in another computer as a second to another working PCIE graphics, but when the bricked Radeon was plugged in, the computer gave no video output from either card.
- just out of despair I even tried plugging it in a running PC to see if it's gonna affect it anyhow, but it didn't, the PC ran on with zero issues with the card pulugged in (unrecognized), but only til reboot as it didn't POST again until I removed the HD7450.


Can any of you, please offer a solution to this? I am kinda mad at Lenovo right now, because their wonderful flash package which should have solved the problem completely destroyed the card instead. However, I guess Lenovo will deny to take responsibility for this as the card and the computer are long out of warranty. Or won't they??

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