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E430 Fan error

2013-05-03, 9:05 AM

My 3 month old Thinkpad edge E430 started giving me an error on startup. As soon as I boot up I hear a loud system beep and "Fan Error" message on the screen.

Interestingly, the laptop boots fully without shutting down after the error and seems to be working perfectly without any hitch for the past 1 hour. Also, the initial burst of ventilation the fan does on startup worked too!


Now, I'm worried that the fan or it's controller might have some problems that might end up costing me in the long term. I'm rather reluctant to send it to be checked under warranty because of my previous experience with Lenovo CS. I wasn't pleased!


Any insight would be very much appreciated. Especially if a Lenovo support staff could chime in :)


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Re: E430 Fan error

2013-05-07, 11:50 AM

I also had a Fan Error message. But it disappeared after I rebooted. I'm sorry for your problem :(


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Re: E430 Fan error

2013-06-25, 0:57 AM

Lenovo ThinkPad e430. 3 months of use, have "Fan Error"

In Warranty, Technical Support give me today.

Now it's crashing again, and again, and again.


What can i do? Technical Support of Lenovo do nothing.

The computer is new.

It's a hardware problem.

What now?


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Re: E430 Fan error

2013-06-30, 17:22 PM

I have had fan errors and just recently have received a thermo sensor error. I have noticed how the fan runs erratic at times and spins up rather dramatically as if its trying to catch up and should have come on sooner. Mine is going to the repair depot and keeping fingers crossed it gets fixed. Only 100 days left in warranty and already questioning its reliability? At first I thought my E430 was a rock solid laptop. But after 3 months the battery needed replacing, the fan errors and thermo sensor errors, keyboard loses certain key functions and in general the laptop has a history of being unstable. I know its not the most expensive Lenovo but I expected better from a ThinkPad. 


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Re: E430 Fan error

2013-07-08, 12:37 PM
oh jeez.... i planned to buy a lenovo.. but if i read all that bull**bleep** it seems like lenovo is no longer what it used to be.. unfortunately ;(

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Re: E430 Fan error

2013-07-09, 1:21 AM

Maximiliano Usich Lenovo ThinkPad e430. 3 months of use, have "Fan Error" In Warranty, Technical Support give it to me today. Now it's crashing again, and again, and again.. 

Lenovo Hi Max, might want to check with our colleagues at Lenovo Argentina to get the support that you need. Hope this helps. - YZ 
Like · Reply · 5 hours ago 

Maximiliano Usich In half an hour from now, they start attending their phones, and i'm going to call them. 
But i start this incident a month ago, I have the Number of Lenovo incident 751828 
I sent my computer to the Lenovo Technical Support in Argentina, (Cronon Tecnologia SRL) they open and clean the computer, they probe it, and return it to me yesterday, but it's crashing any way. 

Now, I think, I buy a New Computer, This Computer have a Hardware Problem. 
I need a New Computer, because I pay 6000 pesos Argentinos, and that's a lot of monay here! 
I work with my computer. 
Now i have to do something else, talk with lenovo argentina, and something else. I'm going to see what. 
I teach and work in computer science. This is not a computer game for me. 
Thanks for your reply. 

Today, i left the computer again in Lenovo Technical Support. They told thinks like, the drivers could be responsible of crashing, the software could be responsible of crashing. 
They ( Cronon Argentina ) have my new computer, after the open it next week, and return it to me crashing. 
We will see what kind of Lenovo Hardware is been done today. 06.2013 

I hope Lenovo give me a new computer, because i pay a new computer 3 months ago, and i have an everyhour crashing computer Lenovo. 

This is not only a fan error, Lenovo is working very very bad with their Clients. 
Now I think, this is my last lenovo computer. If it run, now i prefer the monay back, to buy a real computer.

Now I'm contacting Consumer Protection in Argentina.
Lenovo is making me waste my time.


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Re: E430 Fan error

2013-08-11, 0:45 AM

I recently bought a thinkpad e430.

However, I might have identified one way to generate such Fan Error.

Durring the system startup, if i repeatedly press CTRL+ALT+DEL, then the system generates this error.

It happened to me when updating Win 7 x64 to Win 8 x64 (usind the MSDN service provided by the university I study).


I guess It may be caused by the BIOS inability to properly control the Fan, as it is done by others motherboards.

During the startup, we see other computers running the fan very fast, and it slower down after few seconds.

But in e430 it begins low and keeps that way.


After few tests, I can generate such error and it goes away if I turn the notebook off... wait few seconds... and turn it on again. The beep goes away.


I hope lenovo engineers can read this.


I bought mine in Brazil (model 3254-TMP)... last week.


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Re: E430 Fan error

2014-01-10, 4:16 AM
Yeah i have dame problem with my e430

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Re: E430 Fan error

2014-01-10, 10:41 AM
Hi All,

Thanks for psoting. i was reading through this post and if you're able to access windows, I would suggest you to update the BIOS from the link below.


If you'd like to update using the bootable CD you can click from the link below.


Hope this helps.


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Re: E430 Fan error

2014-09-03, 9:13 AM

Hi, i bought my LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E430 (3254A12) 2 years ago on 01/09/2012. It has been working fine since that until just now. The message "thermal sensing error" appear before entering window 7.


Thus, I immediately checked online and found the solution provided to update the BIOS version. I have updated to the latest version 2.55. However, how can I be certain that the problem was fixed? I don't want the problems to get worse until the motherboard becomes overheated and damaged suddenly...


I appreciate any further suggestion or solution.



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