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E431 - Can't set Legacy FN in BIOS

2013-06-28, 14:29 PM

I have a few Lenovo E431s (Type: 6277-58U) Laptops that I am trying to set the Legacy Function key mode in the BIOS. The problem is the option is not showing up in the BIOS. It is not available in version 1.12 or 1.14. Is there another version I can roll back to or is there a newer version than 1.14 that resolves this? Any direction is appreciated. Thanks!


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Thinkpad Edge E431 Fn lock

2013-07-06, 18:45 PM

For the new Lenovo Edge E431, the option of changing the function keys back to legacy is no longer available in the BIOS.  Currently, the F-keys are by default set to multimedia functions.  Changing this to default to standard F-keys used to be available in prior models.  How is the same functionality available for the E431?  I have tried the Fn+esc combination that locks it for that session, but when the computer reboots, this resets back to a default mode and I have to use Fn+esc again.  Is there any way for the E431 to have the standard F1-F12 keys as the default?  Is there a BIOS update soon?  Thank you.


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Re: E431 - Can't set Legacy FN in BIOS

2013-07-06, 1:32 AM



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Re: Thinkpad Edge E431 Fn lock

2013-08-06, 4:00 AM


This need to be fixed. Many people still use legacy function keys for work, e.g. F2 for editing cell in excel or renaming file name, or programmer that use some F-keys shortcut in particular IDE or editor.


It's true that we can lock it using FN+ESC every time of booting, but this is a waste of time for us, and usually user who use both laptop and desktop pc will expect the keyboard key functions are same. Thus there should be an option to set legacy function key as default in BIOS.



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Re: Thinkpad Edge E431 Fn lock

2013-08-27, 14:54 PM

+1 Couldn't agree more. There used to even be an option under Control Panel>Keyboard in the older models, that's missing as well. 

Eric Zelinski
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Graduate of the College of Information Sciences and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University Class of 2009
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Re: Thinkpad Edge E431 Fn lock

2013-10-11, 5:16 AM

I've just recently purchased a E431 and thus far extremely happy with it apart from having to press the FN key to access the traditional F keys.  I would like the option back of switching settings around, ie press FN to access the multimedia functions.     


Lenovo, when can we expect an answer on this?


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Re: E431 - Can't set Legacy FN in BIOS

2013-10-13, 14:53 PM


first post here for me!

Just wanted to say that you can press the ESC + FN keys to enable the FN LOCK.

When the FN LOCK is active you can use the F keys normally.


I NEEDED this function as a mainframe programmer :cattongue:


Hope this will help someone.




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Re: E431 - Can't set Legacy FN in BIOS

2014-01-04, 11:06 AM

Now, almost three more months have passed -- is there a solutions in sight?

I have the some problem on my E531 and it is really really anoying.

Honestly, I think the responsible people should be severly punished for having removed a usefull BIOS option.


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Re: E431 - Can't set Legacy FN in BIOS

2014-06-05, 15:22 PM
And we are still waiting

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Re: E431 - Can't set Legacy FN in BIOS

2014-06-24, 17:14 PM



Please try to update to BIOS 1.25 just released on 6/20/14 and see how that works.


I know there are some fixes in this BIOS for the FN keys.   I can't say it is definitely your issue, but perhaps we have fixed related functions. 


In any event, please give it a try.





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