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E540 20C600AAUS AC adapter and battery issues

2019-02-10, 13:04 PM

I have a lenovo thinkpad E540 20C600AAUS. I have a 04X4781 motherboard.

My power cord burned out, by the area where i have to plug the cord in my laptop. Help me so this will not happen again please. What can cause this and how to prevent it? Can the battery or hard drive cause the power cord to burn out? I think my laptop came with a SATA III 7200 RPM Hard drive but it failed, a SATA II should of come with my laptop.
Battery stop work(was not using it alot) but it could be because the power cord burn out. I can use it to power the laptop but the battery not charging. The first time i put on my laptop with the battery in a error message showed up but after it worked in my laptop without a problem.

The battery that came with my laptop is FRU p/n 45n1043. When i start my laptop for the first time, the image below show up





I will like to buy a battery that will not display the image above.
I want to replace my battery since it not taking charge at the moment or buy a AC adapter that will charge my battery. Which of these will be best for my laptop 45N1045, 45N1049, 45N1053, 45N1055? My AC adpater is 45N0256

AC adapter and battery:
What the battery use input or output?
Need a Ac adapter to use with a 2.2ah or 2.8ah battery.
what the difference bewteen 4400mAh and 4.4Ah.
Help me figure out a battery that will work with a AC adapter for my laptop.
Which adapter will a NOM 10.8V AC/AD 48Wh 4.4Ah battery work with?
Which adapter will a NOM 10.8V AC/AD 48Wh 4400mAh battery work with?
What the difference between 75 and 75+ on a battery?
This statement "upgradable, Active Protection System" mean i have to find a Hard Disk Drive with those features? what it mean by upgradable?
"Hard Disk Drive / SATA 3.0Gb/s, 2.5" wide, 9.5mm high, removable, upgradable, Active Protection System"


Re: E540 20C600AAUS AC adapter and battery issues

2019-02-20, 3:07 AM

Since the power cord for my ac adapter burn out, can it cause the error image above to show up on my screen? Or is it just the battery?

I mean like i have the incorrect adapter that cause it to affect my battery so the error image show up?

Can the incorrect battery cause the power cord to burn out?

Battery is 48Whr. AC adapter is 65W.


I would like help to pick an ac adapter. The adapter i am using is a 65w, should i try a 90w one?





Or should i buy a new battery and ac adapter can someone recommend me two that work good together.


Re: E540 20C600AAUS AC adapter and battery issues

2019-02-24, 0:07 AM

These came with my laptop, Battery is 48Whr 45N1043. AC adapter is 65W 45N0256.

For the ac adapter do i need to buy another 2 pin adapter or can i buy a 3 pin one?



Input Voltage: AC 100-240V~1.5A      (<that is on my adapter)

Is it fine if i plug my adapter in DC 100v or more?



Re: E540 20C600AAUS AC adapter and battery issues

2019-03-31, 15:07 PM

I think output is for the battery and input for the laptop.

The problem is i was using a 4.4ah battery with a ac adapter output 3.25ah. The battery and ac adapter came with my laptop.

4.4Ah and 4400mah is the same.

I cant find a ac adapter to use with a 5.6Ah 62Wh battery on lenovo website. Dont need one just saying not to use a 5.6Ah 62Wh battery.


Anyone can help me with a software that show how much amps/voltage/watts my laptop using?

I am looking for a ac adapter with more input Ah for my laptop. Not sure if 1.5 Ah input will be enough when i am done with the upgrades.

what the difference betweeen Li-ion20 and Li-ion00?

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