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Edge 15 construction quality?

2010-06-15, 13:37 PM

I've owned my Edge 15 for about a month now (less 1 week at the depot to have the hard drive replaced.)  I'm coming from an older R40, so performance is much better, but I'm concerned about construction.


There's a good deal of flex in the entire right side of the chassis -- flex in the right palm rest and in the keyboard (which I assume is due to the CD/DVD drive bay.)  I guess the machine just overall doesn't feel sturdy.


I wasn't expecting a tank, but also was expecting a more rigidity from even an entry-level business-class laptop.  Fortunately I don't need to transport this from home regularly, but if I did I would be concerned about durability.


Any other Edge 15 users with similar experiences?


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Re: Edge 15 construction quality?

2010-06-15, 21:36 PM

Dear quaglipp


Even I feel the same especially with my edge 15 Construction . I purchased it recently and experiencing a lot more problems in addition to the poor construction. I did not see it physically before I purchased this laptop. If I did saw this , then I would have not gone for this laptop.


I  feel like the screen will fall off from the casing in which it is resting. In my case, the black inner casing next to the webcam will slightly move if one touch next to the webcam. 


Very Poor Design. Unfortunately, Nothing we can do about it once we purchase it. We have to live with it for the next year or so or till it works. 




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Re: Edge 15 construction quality?

2010-06-26, 16:03 PM
Hmm, I'm pretty satisfied with my perceived construction quality and durability of my month old Edge 15. I don't notice any flex on the base or screen and I certainly don't feel like anything is going to fall apart. Everything feels buttoned down real tight and secure. I don't think it's solid enough to chunk it across the table or drop it on the floor, but it feels very solid during my 'normal' usage.

I'm coming off of a 6 year old Apple G4 i-book. Although the hardware and software on that thing seems bullet proof (it still works perfectly) the case does seem 'flex-y' and 'plastic-y'. In fact when I put my palms down on the i-book palm rest it moves and squishes down a bit. I'm sure some of the internal plastic tabs have probably broken over the years from throwing it around.

But my Edge 15 feels very sold to me.

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Re: Edge 15 construction quality?

2010-09-07, 13:07 PM



i was actually wondering the same. problem is i also didnt really see the 15 inch laptop in real life before buying it so when i got it i found the build to be very surprizing (and disappointing) for a thinkpad.


2006 - 2008 i had a T42p which was rock-solid, the best machine ever (9/10)


then 2009- 2010 i was using work's laptop which is a Sony Vaio FZ series, not very bad, the build is not amazing but some things like the screen, media quality, etc are very good. (5/10)


then i got the thinkpad edge 15 for myself and i was horrified, it is really really much worse than T42p's quality. i give it (3/10)


i fell for the mistake that i saw a Edge 13 at a store and then decided to order a 15", which is quite different (build and thickness, etc)


i also found the red lights funny after i bought it (u really dont notice them at the store when they the laptops r swtiched off)


anyway in the end it is not very bad value for the money ure paying. u pay double the price and u get the T series so it makes sense,


u can use the edge for like a couple of years and get sth better then. as opposed to paying a lot on machine ure not sure ure gona use for 3 or 4 years.


i hope my thoughts were useful, tc:)

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