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Re: Touchpad

2010-05-25, 2:19 AM

Yes this happened to me two, couple of times already.


The trick for me is restarting it or putting it into sleep then it will resolve. Probably some driver  issues. It doesn't bother me that much. IT only happens when I keep my edge working the whole day. Track pad had no issues, the ball acts up on me. 


A recall? hmmm.. probably a firm ware will do.. please HURRY


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Re: Touchpad

2010-06-04, 3:30 AM

My week-old Edge 14 (best buy, Intel i3, Win 7 64 bit, 4 GB ram, 500 GB hard drive), has the same touchpad problems.  I've adjusted the sensitivity settings and updated the drive, without improvement.  Problem starts shortly after turning on computer, with minimal use - email, internet and general set up.  Trackpoint works o.k., but the touchpad is the warmest part of the laptop, so it's uncomfortable to use the trackpoint. Very disappointed in this otherwise wonderful machine.  I previously returned a 13" edge purchased elsewhere because of the heat below the left palmrest. If there's any chance of a fix I would keep the machine, but it looks like I'll have to return it.


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Re: Touchpad

2010-06-11, 8:49 AM


Hi All,


Try the touchpad/trackpoint driver, or we call it UltraNav driver which was released in 31st May in this Lenovo Support & Download page. Download the driver according to your machine brand, whether ThinkPad Edge 13, 14, or 15.


I'd like to share with you that front the look at your feedbacks, it's not easy to tell the real root cause unless you can share more detailed info such as


  1. Machine Brand (eg. ThinkPad Edge 13, 14, or 15)
  2. Machine Type Model (e.g. 0197-RZ6)
  3. Operating System (e.g. Win 7 Pro 64bit)
  4. Bios version (can check it out by going into BIOS during system startup)
  5. How long has the machine been turned on before the issue started to happen?
  6. What were you doing or what programs were running before the issue happened?
  7. How you temporarily fix it? By system reboot? Or turn system to sleep and wake up later?



T410, x240

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Los Angeles

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Trackpad temporarily frozen when resuming from sleep

2010-06-13, 19:17 PM

I have a brand new Edge 14 and everytime my Windows 7 resumes from sleep, I can't use the Trackpad for about 5 seconds.  After 5 seconds, I'm able to use the Trackpad again normally.  I believe this is a driver/application issue because I installed a fresh copy of Win 7 on the same laptop (dual boot) and the fresh Windows install doesn't have this issue, but the stock Lenovo Windows 7 does have the issue.  Thoughts?


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Re: Touchpad

2010-06-13, 22:08 PM

I installed the Ultranav update via windows update, date published for it was listed as 5/21. It made my one finger scroll function unresponsive to the point I had to come in firm from the right handside to make it work. I have the bestbuy model, w7 pro 64 bit and the latest bios update. Adjusting the settings didnt help, did a system restore to undo the driver install.


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Phoenix , USA

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Re: Touchpad

2010-06-15, 4:54 AM

Installing the recent touchpad/utlranav is not fixing the issue , looks like its a hardware design fault. 

The way the touchpad is been designed.




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Re: Trackpad temporarily frozen when resuming from sleep

2010-06-15, 14:49 PM



That's helpful - could be something related to power manager since most people on this thread report that it happens after about 15 mins.  So, are we looking at symptoms that are tied to suspend, or just use for some time?  Seems a bit different than the first posts on the thread, but perhaps related...


Could everyone confirm that they are running on battery or AC?   Perhaps also try going into power manager and try the "Timers off" presentation mode and see what happens?




I'm not sure I agree that this is likely a hardware issue since the time to occurence changes, and Panetrez's experience suggest that with same hardware, two different bahaviors are evident - whether preload / drivers or clean Win 7 and drivers.


Hopefully we'll get a bit more feedback here to help our engineers look into this further.




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Re: Trackpad temporarily frozen when resuming from sleep

2010-06-15, 19:00 PM

I have still problem with my 2 edge machines. Same symptom since the beginning (more than 1month)...NO ISSUE !

I called servicing in France and they ask me to resend machines to change Palmrest ?... but I cannot send a unit and work without computer !

I cannot think that Thinkpad servicing was never seen a computer with this problem.... I don't beleive that !

Please make a pick up of one available machine and solve the problem definitvly!


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Re: Trackpad temporarily frozen when resuming from sleep

2010-06-23, 9:40 AM



I'm having trouble with trackpad as well - on Edge 15.


Tapping works, but 2-finger scroll works only randomly and causes freezes.


I can't install the suggested update, I'll get this error:



CreateProcess failed; code 740
The requested operation requires elevation.

CreateProcess failed; code 740The requested operation requires elevation."



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Re: Trackpad temporarily frozen when resuming from sleep

2010-06-25, 6:46 AM

I think I may have solved the trackpad issue to some degree. It seems that when the trackpad isnt working, it actually still is. What I've found is that the scrolling area becomes the regular touchpad input and the area around it is non-functional. If you open the task manager and end task on the synaptics processes, the trackpad suddenly starts working normally (albeit without the advanced features).


Looks like a software fix is required here...

[Lenovo Edge 13, Type 0197-26U w/ 4 GB RAM]
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