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Re: Turning off Dynamic Display Settings

2010-11-01, 12:41 PM

Disable Intel Display Power Saving Technology and see if that stops this behavior.


Go to the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel either through control panel or pressing ctrl+alt+F12. Select Power in the left pane, then Power Features, pull down the menu to "on Battery" then uncheck Display Power Saving Technology.


Let me know if this helps or not.




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Re: display dims and brightens by itself?

2010-12-09, 16:32 PM

Just an update.  My Edge still occasionally does this display dims and brightens by itself thing. ... But an interesting addition to the story is that my new Thinkpad T410 that I use for work does exactly the same thing. ... That same thing is that for no apparent reason at all, it steps down the brightness to a washed out dim look.  Then, also for no apparent reason or input from me it steps the brightness back up to normal.

Maybe I'll check the T410 forum to see if anyone has written about the issue there.


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Re: display dims and brightens by itself?

2010-12-30, 20:05 PM

This is really anoying and happening around every 2 hours or so. It should not be a difficult thing to reproduce in your lab. In my case it goes beyond dimming:


1) Display starts to dim for approx 10 seconds

2) It also appears to go into a low resolution mode (very pixelated display)

3) The transition lasts around 20-30 seconds.


Staff, please stop making wild guesses and get into the lab and troubleshot this issue. 




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Re: display dims and brightens by itself?

2010-12-31, 4:21 AM

Even I faced the same issue, after upgrading the Display Graphics driver to latest. I then reverted back to the original version of the driver accompanied while shipping. This downgraded the drivers and evrything seems to be normal.


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Re: Turning off Dynamic Display Settings

2011-04-21, 16:28 PM

I've had the same problem with an Edge 15 (0301-DBU), except the F8 button stopped working AFTER I shipped the machine into the field. I tried everything I could via remote control and had finally had to order a replacement to ship and exchange with the field worker. I'm now working on the brand new machine and -- same problem.  These machines ship with windows 7. I have the feeling that the XP drivers are the issue.


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Re: display dims and brightens by itself?

2011-09-08, 8:11 AM

What Tempest describes is exactly the problem I am having on my Edge 14 and my colleague is having on his Edge 12. It seems to be completley unrelated to the system software brightness settings - the value shown on the brightness meter is unchanged, but the actual brightness goes way down for a while & then steps back up.


Is this problem really unsolved more than a year after it was reported?


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Re: display dims and brightens by itself?

2011-09-12, 5:31 AM

try this.



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Re: Turning off Dynamic Display Settings

2012-02-03, 1:47 AM
Looks like this worked for me. I'm on a Toshiba Portege btw. Many thanks!! This has been driving me crazy. o_O

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Re: Turning off Dynamic Display Settings

2013-08-17, 12:54 PM

This solution also worked for me.  I have a brand-new Dell Latitude E5430 with integrated Intel 4000 graphics.


The screen dimming drove me nuts when I was doing work  while watching TV last night.

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